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    Ok so I just started working for a gun site and I'm learning just how important it is to carry a gun. The problem I am having is I have no clue what a good gun would be for personal protection. I don't want to be taken out by a terrorist. My boss is saying I should carry a semi auto glock and my brother is arguing that saying I need a revolver. I figured I would ask a ton of gun lovers what they think so please give me your advice!
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    You have to decide what fits you best. Try as many guns as you can and see what you like.

    A semi auto has the advantage of holding more rounds than a revolver but revolvers rarely jam.

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    First, take a course in handgun handling and safety!

    Go with the Glock. Just as reliable as a revolver, easier to shoot accurately, and lightweight.

    But remember that the ammo you choose is just as important as the weapon. Choose high quality (expensive) jacketed hollow points for carry, and inexpensive full metal jacket for practice.
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    I prefer semi auto but that's just a comfort and feel thing. That and I like the higher capacity and faster reloading. Either one would be great though as long as you make sure and practice. Any major caliber would be fine too, especially at short distances, so start by finding a platform that feels good in your hand...
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    There really isn't a one size fits all answer.

    As stated above, if you can get a chance to try different firearms then finding a gun that feels comfortable to you, and that you shoot well is key. Ensuring that it is reliable, accurate, has enough power to do its intended job, while being conveniently sized enough to make you want to carry it are many of the other factors to be considered.

    These criteria could be met by a revolver or a semi-auto.
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    Now, as one who has trained a few people, I would like to offer my opinion.

    I would learn with a revolver. A semi-auto does not have the same practicality to assist you with learning how to fix problems (flinch).

    I am not saying that you should buy a revolver. You should buy what works for you.
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    You started working for a 'gun site'? What is a 'gun site'?

    Like a website about guns?
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    Is there a shooting range near you? Your co-workers should have info. Your boss may be an excellent resource. Ask him or her where they like to shoot. Ask if they know of a range that rents guns. Perhaps your boss would be able to take you out and try their gun. Renting a gun before buying is a great investment. Finding out that a gun kicks the crap out of you is better found out before you dump $500 or more dollars on it. If you buy a brand new gun and decide you don't like it you will lose a bunch of money trading it in on something else. If this is your first time shooting I would look for a caliber that is not going to beat you up too bad. 9mm for a semi-auto or 38 special for a revolver. If you buy a 357 mag revolver it can shoot 38 special at the range and have 357 mag for self defense. Also remember, the lighter the gun the harder it will kick. Light guns are great for concealed carry. But they are usually not much fun at the range. Whatever you buy plan on going to the range with it at least a couple of times a year to practice. I shoot at least twice a month. My wife only shoots about 3 times a year. But she is definitely good enough to defend herself if the need should arise.
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    If your going to work in a nation that has a fair potential of encountering bandits and other criminal types, I imagine the company would enroll you in some sort of awareniss class and selfdefence training.
    Its like bear awareness training and defence.
    Stresses awareness training to avoid getting yourself in trouble and the defence training when avoidance fails.
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    ...another thing to think about is if you simply want it as a tool or are you thinking of being a firearms enthusiast. If it's a tool for protection get a Glock, XD or a M&P. If you want to know more about pistols, I'd consider a 1911 or a Beretta 92. That's if you want a semi-auto....If you want a Revolver....stick with S&W or Ruger IMO. Get a compact version in .357 and take out the bad guy and all his friends :)
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