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    Heya i am having a little trouble with finding what i want. What i am looking for is something for both target practice (to get back used to shooting), and hunting. I live in south Texas and will be hunting deer, hogs, turkey & maybe some elk (i got some family that live in Washington St. that want me to come up and hunt with them). I have a few years of past experience with rifles but not a lot so i want something cheap to relearn with. I was looking at something i dont have to reload after every shot fired and something with really good accuracy from 600-900 meters out and not whole lot of kick back. afew of my friends have recomended 30/06 or a 308 any suggestions will be greatly appreciated thanks.
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    Welcome to the forum....

    At the ranges you specified, the 30-06, and .308 are both good choices.

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    Can't go wrong with a 30-06 especially a hand loaded one.
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    When you say "reload" do you mean cycle the bolt or load a round into the rifle? Not sure if you are talking about a Semi auto or what. 600..900 Meters is a long way for hunting!! 900 meters is about 984 yards. In that case there is no hunting rifle that will have light recoil to meet your criteria. If you want a hunting rig that can reach 600 meters(664 yards) for target, your second issue is a scope that will work for close up hunting and long range target. A hunting scope that only shows a blob of fur at 100 yards is pretty useless. Seems you want it all in one rifle. Not very practical. A good Heavy barrel .308 or .30-06 will shoot well for targets at 700+ yards, but is heavy to be humping around while hunting. Likewise a good hunting rifle in the same calibers will be easier to carry, but not great at real long distance. My hunting Rifles weigh an average of 7 to 9 pounds, with optics. My distance guns, 12+ pounds.
    You will be spending some big money, so cheap is out!
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    Seem to remember an old bit of advice from down on the border-

    "There's not many problems
    that a man can't fix-
    With seven hundred dollars
    and a thrity ought six."

    The Ultra long range target rifle and the hunting rifle are rarely the same gun. A Browning BAR is 300 Win Mag, 30-06, or .308 would make a good hunting semi auto, with enough authority for elk- but I really feel that ethical big game hunting stops at about 300 yards. I do predator and varmint shooting at longer ranges- but that is really not hunting. In the field, you will probably not have a shooting bench to work from.

    If you are looking for a good bolt action, above calibers, and add .270 and 7mm mag in there. And Savage is making a VERY nice bolt gun for the price. But you can ask 6 folks here, and get at least 7 answers!

    Nice thing about the .308/ 30-06 round- I can walk into just about anyplace that sells ammo is the US, and grab a box. Same is not true of the .333 Hickenlooper Squirrel Thrasher. Even if it IS a better cartridge.

    PS- all other things being equal, a semi has less recoil than a bolt gun, and Limbsaver makes GREAT recoil pads. Spend more on the scope than you think you should. You can thank me later.
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    It appears that you want:

    1. Inexpensive. What's that to you? $500? $5000? Total or just the rifle?
    2. Semi Auto? Or will a bolt action do? Lots more choices in bolt guns.
    3. Light enough to carry hunting.
    4. Enough power for Elk.
    5. "Really good accuracy from 600m-900m" Define really good?
    6. Low recoil.

    Not sure that rifle exists. A good compromise would be a bolt action
    308 or 30-06 with a 2-7 variable scope. Might go a bit higher magnification,
    but you mentioned hogs and they are frequently close range. You also mentioned turkey---can you legally shoot them with a centerfire rifle?

    Go for a total package in the 9-10 lb range. Light enough to pack for a while,
    heavy enough to mitigate some of the recoil. A good recoil pad and maybe
    a muzzle brake will also help with the recoil.
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    Oh man gots to gets me one of them.:D
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    msjacks13, your criteria for a rifle is interesting to say the least. Get a Browning Bar in 30-06 and then an assortment of various grain bullets to suit what you are hunting.