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  1. ah141nj

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    Tried some load developemnt for my Colt Match Comp AR 1/9.

    Didnt know what I would want to use, so I was able to pick up H322, H335, BLC2, Varget & monday I will have TAC.

    Did some loads using H322, H335 & BLC2 with Hornady 50 gr Vmax. Liked the 322 the best with the 50 Vmax's. Went back to the the range with smaller powder increments & assorted OALS to find my pet load.

    The 50's wouldnt penetrate the new backboards the range put up. So that went that idea. Stayed and just plinked with 62 grs/H335.

    So my question is which powder should I concentrate on the most?
    Is there such a thing as a do all powder?

    My requirements would be clean burning,accurate, good dispensing through my Lee powder measure, low recoil, inexpensive & "readily available"
    My bullets on hand are...

    Hornady 55 gr FMJ BT w/C
    Hornady 50 gr Vmax
    Armscor 62 gr FMJBT
    Nosler 69 gr HPBT
    Sierra 55 gr HPBT
    Sierra 50 gr Spitzer

    Would one of the these powders work best with all of theses bullets?

    Can you suggest a particular powder / combination? You know, mix & match
    Only plan on paper punching for now at 100 yds...maybe to 200 yds.

    I would be using CCI SR & Federal cases if that is any help for the input.

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys....and ladies.
  2. hunter Joe

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    I've used 335, Varget, 4895 and by far my best combination so far has been 25.3 grains of IMR 4064 with a 55 grain Sierra Game King projectile.

  3. cpttango30

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    If you just want a "I'm sending lead down range for fun" plinking round then buy a cheap bulk bullet. The 55gr Hornady FMJ may work.

    I have had good luck with Varget, AA 2015, Benchmark, and VV N133.

    H335, RL10x, N133 are best for bullets below 50gr N133 produced great accuracy in my rifle with velocities in the 3700 fps range.

    AA 2015, Benchmark, H335, H4895, TAC are best used on bullets 50 to 60gr

    My goto ground hog load is a 50gr vmax and a stiff load of AA2015. It give good accuracy and good velocity.

    AA 2520, N540, Varget are best for 60 to 70gr bullets. Varget can be used for lighter bulets. But While I had decent accuracy (.6 to .7" 5 shot) it is better for the heavier bullets.

    Varget, Reloader 15, N140, N550 reloader 15 is a great powder and is used a lot in the 308 with 175gr SMK for F-class shooting. VV N550 is another great powder it is hotter than N150 which is exactly the same except for a single coating additive they add.

    For a low cost round I would fine the cheapest bullet and then go with the powder that offers the lights load weight for a given velocity. Primers you can use what ever you find cheapest.
  4. jpattersonnh

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    Midsouth shooters supply has their varmint nightmare 55gr. $42.00 for 500.
    They shoot well for varmint/ casual target. BT due not always mean better accuracy. I use H335 and BLC(2) for 52..55gr and BLC(2) and IMR4064 for 60..65gr. There is no magic powder or load. 300 yards is my bench mark. About perfect for really large fields around here. My 1:9 Bushmaster Hbar DCM shoots all these weights and powders as does my CZ527 varminter 1:9