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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by fantasy, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. fantasy

    fantasy New Member

    I bought me a WWG big loop lever and am contemplating installing it myself.

    My question is about the locking device pinned in the lever that I have to transfer to the new lever. I don't know the tech term off the top of my head, but the spring loaded device at the top of the trigger guard, which locks the lever into place on the trigger as it is closed.

    I have the proper punch. Can I just drive that pin out or will I have to put pressure on the lock at the same time as the pin is driven out?

    I'm pretty mechanical but have never did this before so would appreciate any pointers on the best way to approach it. Or should I just let my smithy do it?
  2. Murray

    Murray New Member

    Nah, it's pretty simple. You can do it.
    Best tip I can give you is to control the cross pins exit as much as you control pushing or punching it out. This will help keep pin and punch in contact, and spring and plunger won't go flying off into nowheresville, but can be retained until you remove punch.
    Good luck!