Help with a duck call

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Number3Never4get, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Number3Never4get

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    I own some RNT short barrel duck calls, personally some of the best I've used for me. But anyways one of them is made out of wood and the insert is stuck in the barrel of the call. Does anyone know how I can get the call apart to clean it without damaging the finish on the wood?

    I think I just let it sit in the hot car too long and it went and stuck itself together from the heat and humidity. I know I can always send it to the manufacturer and get it fixed but who the hell wants to do that if theres a way I can do it myself
  2. teamramrod

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    I say you just go buy some acrylic calls. They wont stick together like wood. The wood calls will warp and such ruining them. Acrylic is a little more expensive but they sound better and are worth it in the long run. I recommend the Echo Prime meat

  3. suprdave

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    RNT's are truly great calls. They're made right here in my home state! Have you tried the "grab and twist method?" I was thinking to try some WD-40, but I'd hate to see a call get messed up because of my advice...I know I'd try it! Next time, take your calls in the house! Good luck, Bro!