Help Sighting in my Mosin 91/30 Sniper

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    I finally found some reloadable ammo for my Mosin, so its time to get serious with it..... Anybody have any advice for sighting in my WWII 91/30 sniper?
    I know JonM posted the technique how the Russians sighted in the Mosin snipers, would you mind reposting or link to the original post?

    I was told the WWII era scopes were calibrated for a 180 gr bullet... I have two boxes of Norma ammo, one is 180 gr, and the other is 150gr.... Can I use the 150 gr to get "close" and then use the 180 gr. to get my final adjustments? (I know the 150 gr will shoot low, but the windage should be close right?)

    The box of 180 gr. has a bunch of info on the back ive never seen on ammo before.. Will this help me in sighting the rifle?
    Velocity: 2575 fps(muzzle) 2382 fps (@ 100 yds),
    Energy: 2650 ft lbs (muzzle) 2268 ft lbs (@ 100 yd),
    Line of sight: 1 1/2" above center of bore
    Drop: -0.6 (@25 yd), +/- 0 (50yd), 0 (100 yd), -1.5 (@150 yd), -4.6 (@200), -16.5 (@300)

    Any other help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
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    Your Norma 180gr is about 100fps slower then military ball. That's not too bad. Do you know how to adjust elevation? It is very simple. How about windage? That is also simple, using shims instead of taking metal off. The box info will do nothing to help as the scope is calibrated.

  3. Trez

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    Thanks guys!!!! :D

    Just to make sure..... Using JonM's method... I sight the rifle at 100 meters with the irons and scope set at 300 meters?
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