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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Glore, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Here is the other firearm in question. Info? From the other post he will definately do nothing to modify the gun. Question here is.. the sites I dont believe to be original? (From my knowledge the gun was aquired in its current condition) He would like to get the gun back to the original condition, as it should be, any info on where I could get sites for this gun or what type it came with? Recap: History, value? I actually shot both of these firearms and they shot flawlessly. The Remington was suprisingly accurate. Much respect to the 1911, Im becoming a fan!

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  2. JonM

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    it doesnt appear any real moddiing was done. new sights to match the original may be a little hard to find in an aged condition. but not impossible. shouldnt cost much either.

    any competant gunsmith with 1911 can replace those hideous sights

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    Those are definately "after market" sights. Note that the side of the M1911 says "U.S. Property". The US military did not purchase any newly made M1911's after 1945!. they all had fixed sights, and you might be able to find those from Gun Parts Corporation ( But bear in mind that athough the rear sight can be drifted out and a new one drifted in, the front sight has to be peened in using a special tool. I built one with my trusty cutting torch and grinders, and it worked, but you can purchase the tool from Brownells, Inc ( wktipton, SSG, USA (Military Police) Retired.
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    I can't make out the S/N on the Colt.

    PM or post the # and I can give you a build date.

    Those hideous sights must go!

    Don't do anything to both these guns as far as re-finishing.