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    Im looking to buy an ar15. but idk what brand i want. i want something durable and accurate. i will be using it for hunting defense and course running. also what twist is better 1in7 or 1in9? my choices are the following...

    Rock river
    Stag arms
    Sig sauer
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    Any of those you listed will work for you.

  3. Quentin

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    Read the AR Primer, it will help you tailor the best answers (for you) to your questions. Colt is the best of the list you provided. Don't forget BCM, Daniel Defense and PSA.
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    Definitely read the AR primer. I have a RRA LAR-15 "Modern Sport Rifle" and love it. A big "THANKS" :)eek:) to Joe "double barrel" Biden and Diane "grab your gun" Feinstein.

    Watch the prices, they will go down in time. :)
  5. Donn

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    I'd consider adding DPMS to your list. I've got an A2 Classic. It's on the heavy side, but is my go-to AR. I also have a Bushmaster Carbon 15. It's an excellent shooter and extremely light. Don't know how the carbon fiber upper and lower will hold up over time, but so far, so good.
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    Get a Colt 6920 or 6940. I prefer the 6940, but both are great weapons. :):)
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    As a civilian, I have no need to mount a M203 grenade launcher on my home defense weapon, so I prefer the lightweight Colt 6520/6720 carbines and I swap the M4 handguards for the smaller diameter XM177E2 handguards. The aforementioned Colt carbines have lightweight barrels, sometimes referred to as "pencil" barrels. Internally, they have the same barrel rifling twist rate, same barrel material, bolt carrier, bolt, and other functional components as the Colt 6920/6940 series carbines.

    The Colt 6921 is the closest thing a civilian can purchase to a real M4 carbine, but it has a 14.5" barrel and requires a tax stamp. The Colt 6920 is identical in every other way except it has a 16" barrel and does not require a special tax stamp from BATFE. The only difference between a 6921 and a M4 is the 3 round burst or auto sear components, which you can't legally purchase if you do not own a registered machine gun.

    If you ever think you'll need to mount a M203 grenade launcher, get a 6920 or 6940 series carbine. If not, the lightweight carbines have thinner, lighter barrels. If you need a M203 for home defense, I'd hate to live in your neighborhood.

    Colt produces their carbines and rifles to military specification. They are not the only game in town, the producers of the best AR money can buy, or the only quality product available at a reasonable price.

    I personally own Colt carbines because the product receives the due diligence in testing and quality of workmanship suitable for a carbine you are staking your life on at a reasonable price. It's hard for me to justify the price of a carbine that costs twice what my Colt cost when both are accurate, durable carbines that go bang when you pull the trigger.

    That said, Colt, Bravo Company Manufacturing, Daniel Defense, and Wilson Combat all make superb carbines that are suitable for home defense.

    If you are overly concerned with durability, I would consider purchasing an AK pattern carbine from a reputable manufacturer, like Arsenal.

    For me, the Colt 6520/6720 carbines have the right blend of accuracy, ergonomics, balance, weight, durability, configurability, and availability of ammunition/magazines/accessories that I consider best for my uses. YMMV.

    If you absolutely must have a piston AR like so many others who think they're going to stop a tyrannical government or the Chinese from invading with their favorite pop gun, Uncle Sam has already done the T&E for you. Your choices are the HK416 or the SCAR 16S. Neither of those two carbines is lightweight or cheap, but both have more testing and engineering put into them than do other "solutions" by dint of the amount of our tax dollars spent on them.

    Whichever flavAR (yes, I'm adding important new words to the English language) you purchase, do yourself a favor and purchase some PMAG's from MagPul.
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    I would definitely look into BCM(Bravo Company) or DD(Daniel Defense) they may be hard to find but they r definitely top tier ARs