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  1. bestnamever

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    I thought I had the perfect hunting shotgun picked out for me , the remington 870 express super magnum turkey/waterfowl.

    It seemed like the best all around hunting shotgun for my needs, until I started reading reviews...

    I've found users have had major rusting issues , some even stated on a humid southern day he was able to watch rust starting to appear over the course of an afternoon hunt. I found countless reports on Google with other users having problems just like that. Seems to be a well known issue to the 870 line to everyone but me.
    Even for a cheaper shotgun that kind of rusting is unacceptable to me.

    Then I found countless reports of people having to slam the butt of the gun on the ground to make the gun cycle , believe they used the term "pogo".

    To me both of these are major issues and are reason enough not to make the purchase. It's a cheaper shotgun and will be used regularly, will most likely see its fair share of abuse.
    But I still want a shotgun that will perform reliably,and won't rust up before I can get it home to clean it.

    What would be some more suggestions for a different shotgun that's reliable, a little more rust proof, and close to the same price point, or under 1k.

    This shotgun will be used for turkey,duck, and occasionally dove hunting.
    Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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  2. Gatoragn

    Gatoragn Active Member

    Benelli Super Nova if you want a pump.

    $1k will get you into an excellent auto-loader.

  3. John_Deer

    John_Deer New Member

    Nothing wrong with a Mossberg 500 or in your case the Mossberg 535.

    I have lived in areas where stuff does rust overnight. If you keep a gun clean and oiled it will not rust, even an 870. Most gun oils last about six months. People oil a gun and don't look at it for years. Then they blame the gun for the rust. Remington does parkerize the cylinders on their guns. A little steel wool will clean up the cylinder.
  4. Virginian

    Virginian Active Member

    There is nothing Parkerized on an Express. The recent ones seem better, but on a couple with the rusting issue I believe a primary contributor was that all the bluing salts weren't rinsed off after the flash bluing. Oil is not a solvent for bluing salts, so no amount of oil will get them gone. I have taken two apart and washed them with hot soapy water, and then dried and lightly oiled, and the rust did not come back. Two acquaintances did the same after I told them with similar good results.
    The issues with extraction from chambers that were not as smooth as they should be are widely publicized. It's quickly solved with 5 minutes and a brake cylinder hone, or a call to Remington. Note that just steel wool wrapped around a wire brush will NOT fix a lot of them. But I have also seen Mossbergs and Novas and even BPSs being beat on the ground with the cheap shells. I believe Remington is changing out the chamber reamers more frequently on the line now, as the newer chambers also seem better.
    The Expresses are built to a price point. They are based on as good a design as there is, and most are solid performers, but the money is not there for a whole lot of quality control. And any problem with any Remington is going to make it to the internet. There are more posts than actual issues in my opinion. Remington does have excellent Customer Service, and will normally take care of anything. I don't know why that is more efficient, but I didn't go to Harvard Business School. If you are not willing to have to do anything to a new gun, they may not be the gun for you. You also run a risk with any new gun, some with a lot less friendly service, but the risk may not be as high. Remington and Mossberg have the cheapest guns and the best customer service, maybe there is a correlation.
    I definitely prefer the feel of the Remingtons, and if I needed a cheap pump I wouldn't hesitate, but I know I could address about anything that needed addressing. I prefer to get the gun I like the feel of, and I can address anything else to where it will outlive me. If you like the feel of the Mossbergs, there is nothing wrong with them either, and the Novas seem to work if you like them. The BPSs are really good guns, but I don't like the bottom only loading, having had 3 that never missed a single beat.
  5. CWLLF

    CWLLF New Member

    +1 I had an 870 Express and it was a fine gun. Did have a slight rust issue and a problem with the carrier jamming but other than that no complaints. Haven't got a chance to run my new Supernova through its proper paces yet. But, so far, I really really like it. My 2¢ is spend an extra C note for the Benelli. Jmo
  6. kiabe1

    kiabe1 New Member

    Mossberg 835 is an excellent choice. Real heavy duty gun. I picked mine up for $185 price hasnt gone up much
  7. John_Deer

    John_Deer New Member

    Where can you get any Mossberg for under $200? I paid $215 for my 20 ga 500 over 10 years ago. I am a good shopper. The best price you will find on a 500 is $250. You will pay a premium for the 3 1/2" chamber. The Maverick 88 is running around the price you quoted. Recently Walmart went up on the Maverick 88 to over $200. The value of the US dollar is dropping like a rock.
  8. kbd512

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    Get an 870 Police Magnum.

    It's parkerized, so the finish is a little less prone to rusting than bluing because it holds onto the oil better.

    If it's steel, it will rust. Oil or grease anything that you don't want to rust.

    The Marine 870 would be better if exposure to salt air or spray was likely.
  9. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    There ya go. OTOH, Stainless Steel, Parkerized, Nickel-Plated,Cerakote,

    they all are better against rust than a blued finish.

    If you look far enough, you will find negative reviews of any gun.

    But I have Mossberg 500, too. As long as you can live with the

    recoil, it's a very passable shotgun.
  10. kiabe1

    kiabe1 New Member

    Picked it up from a pawn shop new right after the end of hunting season. Theyd had it for a while
  11. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    a person can pick up some crazy deals in pawn shops if they shop around and know something about guns. i have bought several in the past at pawn shops and gotten some really good deals.

    every pawn shop is different. we have two pawn shops that sell guns. one, they charge next to new prices for wore out junk, an won't move an inch off price. the other one, will negotiate on price and their inventory is usually changing quite regularly.

    knowing what you are lookig for and it's relative value will help you make a better deal when buying used.