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Hello I'm new here and well I thought about combining both my introduction and question in one topic. I came to this board because I would like to identify some assault rifles and submachine guns that were used for a video game (whose real names were changed in it) and I thought the best way was simply to ask experts like yourself. Same goes for some shotguns but I guess I'll post it in the related board.

So here goes some of the pics used for the game's weapons, could you please put a name on them?





(I guess I'll need several posts due to the number of images allowed per post)
1. AK74 (although the rendering isn't quite right...kinda like its crossed with RPK machine gun)

2. M16 rifle with M203 grenade launcher

3. Sig551

4. IWI Galil

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Most if not are computer generated renditions of actual guns so some of the proportions are off a bit. I'll bite
1. AK variant w/STG 44 characteristics
2. M-16 w/m203 40mm grenade launcher
3. Sig 550 or Beretta
4. Valmet, Galil or SA R4
5. Stoner m-63 or Robinson Arms
6. M-16
7. Steyer AUG
8. AK or SVD variant
9. M-4 w/M-203
10. M-4
11. ?
12. HK G-36
13. HK G-11
14. ?
a. Bastardized FN
c. Mac-10 or 11
d. Micro Uzi
e. Conceptual HK/FN hybrid
f. HK MP5K
g. G-36 variant?
i. MP-5 A3 SD
j. ?
k. MP-5 A3
l. ?
m. Uzi

How did I do?
OK, I can't go through and quote all those photos, especially since Robo got most of them already. Here is what I think:

1. AK74 (although it looks like cross with RPK Machine Gun)
2. M16 with M203 grenade launcher
3. Sig 551
4. IWI Galil
5. Not sure, will add FNFAL to Robo's answers
6. M16 A1
7. Steyr AUG bullpup
8. AK47 variant
9. M4 carbine with M203
10. M4 carbine
11. HK OICW (prototype, never introduced to full production)

12. HK G36
13. HK G11 (fires unique "caseless" round)
14. It is hard to tell but I am going to guess #14 is is a poor rendering of the AVIR rifle below.

a. HK33 or HK93 (semi-auto version)
b. HK SP89
c. Ingram M-10 (Mac-10)
d. IWI Mini UZI (not the micro UZI, micro is smaller & more pistol like)
e. HK G3 or HK91 (semi-auto version)
h. French MAS FAMAS bullpup
i. MP-5 SD3
j. FN P-90 (or that is what its supposed to be, rendering isn't quite right)
k. MP-5
l. Korean Daewoo K7

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J. depicts a box magazine fed bullpup layout carbine inspired by the P-90. Definately not a P-90
Good call for sure...I was so focused on the front half, and ignoring the back because of the screwed up stock rendering that I didn't even register the bullpup mag....hell J could be a bad rendering of the AVIR rifle, but then what would 14 be?:rolleyes:

Gotta love video games that get enough of them right that they keep us guessing over some software designers made-up rifle.
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