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  1. G.I.G.N.

    G.I.G.N. New Member

    hi. I live in country georgia and I wont to buy in usa SAVAGE mark II BTV, because in my country it's not saling.

    How can I buy this rifle?From which site?

    Sorry for my English.
  2. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Your English is MUCH better than my Georgian or my Russian.

    There is a problem with a US company selling a firearm to someone in another country. The US restricts export of many firearms, and to export a modern firearm requires special permits, and knowledge of the legal system. In turn, many countries limit importation of firearms.

    To give you the short answer, there is no "website" as such that you can directly purchase such a firearm as you list. You would need to locate a firearms dealer here that has the rifle for sale, and an export company that can handle the paperwork to legally export the rifle from the US, and import it to your country.

    You might begin by locating a firearms importer in Georgia, who will know of firearm exporters here in the US. Good luck.

  3. CA357

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    Best of luck and welcome here. :)
  4. cpttango30

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    Don't think it will happen. Sorry mate Unless you can find a company that has an import lic and can deal with firearms in your country.

    No one here will buy it and ship it to you if that is the way your going.
  5. G.I.G.N.

    G.I.G.N. New Member

    Thank for answers.

    Here, in Georgia are some guns shops, but thay have no this rifle. :(

    I want to have this.It is good but not expensive rifle.


    P.S. In Tbilisi 22lr bullets ( 50 rounds.standart) costs 13 $.:(