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Help Me Pick My Next Gun

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I just purchased my first handgun last weekend. Glock 30 I'm really starting to fall into this hobby. I've always loved gun and shooting them. I'm planning on getting another handgun sometime in November. I'm leaning toward either a Glock 26 or a Walther P99QA Compact Pistol. I really like my first Glock 30, that's why i'm leaning toward getting another one. But at the same time i kinda want to get something different. I really like the Walther P99QA as well as all the other Walther pistols. For those of you out there with personal experience with Whalther guns please give me some insite. What are the Pro/Cons to each? Thanks....

P.S. What would you do? Glock 26 or Walther P99QA?
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My first purchased handgun was a G30. I would recommend a fullsize pistol to go along with your compact. Perhaps a 1911 style pistol to continue the .45 auto trend.
Take your time. It's great big candy store out there.
Sorry for posting again but I just caught the end of BrassMonkeys post with the Ron Paul 08. Excellent choice. (The only)
My first gun was a G23. Its my favorite so far but (may be b/c of sentimental reasons) variety is the spice of life...go for th Walther and broaden you horizons !!!!!!
If you buy a good 1911, you won't be disappointed.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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