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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by texaswoodworker, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. texaswoodworker

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    Long story short, my laptop's motherboard is fried, and it would cost more to repair the old one, than it would to buy a new one.

    I mostly need it for school, but would also like to be able to play a few games on it too. I was looking in to getting a Toshiba (my old one was a Toshiba L675), but I've heard/seen that they can be problematic. My old one tended to have a overheating issue when I played any game, or watched a lot of videos, so I had to use a cooling pad with it. I'd prefer not to have any problems with my new one.

    My old one had a 17.3" screen that I loved, but I would be willing to go down to a 15.6" if the price difference is huge. My old one also had a 4GB memory, and a 500GB hard drive, so I'd like to keep it similar to that.

    My budget is $300-$400 max.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, is there a big difference between the 320GB hard drive, or the 500GB hard drive, or would filling either of those up be a difficult task? I don't know too much about computers, and I just want it to have a good amount of space, and the ability to stay fast for a long time.

  2. John_Deer

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    Toshiba used to be the top of the line. Now Toshiba is just another computer. I don't know of a computer company that does not use a mother board with everything on board. The days of replacing parts to repair a computer have went the way of Windows 98. I have an Acer that has been through a lot in the past three years. Bang for the buck Acer is hard to beat. I also have an Acer netbook for financial transactions. Neither box has never given us a moments trouble.

  3. TheSadPanda

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    Asus is my recommendation. The only difference between hard disk drives is how many GBs they hold and their rotation speed. You want atleast 4GBs of ram and almost all computers come with atleast 500 GB hard drive. If you can, get an intel i3 or i5. They run cooler than their AMD counterparts and they are very efficient, which helps your battery life. 300-400 dollar range is a hard range to work woth. If you can, jump it up to 500 and you will see a huge improvement in the quality of computer you have available. Also, intel Chips have graphics built in that are actually decent. Something like this is close to what id recommend.
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  4. RJMercer

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    Don't get anything with windoze 8 on it. You'll cuss and scream at it until you have finally had enough, right before you smash it with a hammer go out and buy windoze 7 and make it at least reasonably usable.
    BTW windoze 8 is useless and unusable. Just sayin.
  5. buckhuntr

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    I second the Acer reccomendation. My wife's has been trouble-free for 3 or 4 years now. Look at for good pricing and great customer service. I've bought from them several times over the past decade without any problems.
  6. davva360

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    I would say stay away from Asus and go for Acer. My son has a $300 Acer he spilled soda in it and they still fixed it under warranty.

    Had a lot of issues with Asus myself.
  7. Yunus

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    Sadpanda is right about the specs. Although if you do find a laptop with 320 instead of 500 don't worry about it. As long as you don't mind a bulky thick laptop (by todays standards) then your price range is ok. I you want thinner and better battery life go with a 15.4 or smaller screen.

    I really like a Samsung i have because it has a real number pad on the keyboard.

    Newegg is reliable and usually a good deal. If you don't need one immediately check for referbs that pop up.

    I just checked woot, they have a nice refurbished HP with very good specs, amd but with a discrete video card for 470. unfortunatly you have less than 3 hours to decide.
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  8. TheSadPanda

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    At Sam's Club all of our Asus' come with free 1 year accidental damage protection. Plus they generally have very high reviews everywhere you look.
  9. Gh0zt36

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    Toshi's are good they just have propriatary hard wired fisher price my first graphics cards. You're probably not going to find a decent gaming laptop for under a grand . Sell one of those shiny guns if ya want something good. :D