Help me decide?!?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by nmoyer, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. nmoyer

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    Hello All,

    I will be purchasing a new firearm as a gift to myself for Christmas. I have narrowed my options down to 3 guns (2 pistols, 1 rifle) and need some help deciding.

    Background: The selected gun will be primarily used for plinking at a local range that opened up a few minutes from my house. I currently own a Pardner Protector Shotgun that serves as my home defense currently, 2 old .22 Rifles handed down from my old man, and an old Savage 170 Pump 30-30 for large game hunting.

    My Options:
    1) CZ P-07 Duty 9mm – I love the feel of these guns and enjoy shooting pistols. This would also serve as my carry once I get a CCW. Cost of ammo at the range will be the highest of my options.

    2) Walther P22 – Fun gun for plinking, cheap ammo, but not a good defense gun.

    3) Ruger 10/22 Rifle – Cheap initial cost and cheap ammo, however I would plan to modify this rifle fairly extensively. I enjoy working on/modifying so this would be a fun continuous project gun as I can add a part, take it to the range, and see the difference.

    So, please help me decide what you would do. Thank you in advanced for any suggestions or comments.
  2. NGIB

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    You don't have a handgun and you indicate you want to get a carry permit - so the choice is obvious to me. I had a CZ-P01 and it was a nice gun, I just prefer SA triggers...

  3. CA357

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    You need a decent pistol, so go ahead and get the CZ. You've already got .22's, so you're covered in that department already. Buy a 10/22 eventually, because they're just great rifles and fun to play with.

    I also suggest that down the road you pick up a heavier caliber rifle or carbine. If you ever want to reach out and touch something, it's nice to have the capability.
  4. nmoyer

    nmoyer New Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I have the 30-30 which is a heavy enough caliber for me now, but I would like to pick up a nice .308 or 30-06 down the road.
  5. stalkingbear

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    It looks like you need a handgun to me. The 9mm will serve as defense as well as plinking/practicing on the range.