Help me decide.

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  1. clamber

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    First off Id like to say Im totally new to guns. Ive shot before, but never owned.

    I am turning 18 soon, and I would like a rifle. A semi-auto to be exact.

    I was really wanting a tactical Mini-14 because it looks somewhat similar to the M14(my favorite gun) and it is an overall good gun.

    But at the same time I kinda want a AR-15.

    But theres so many AR-15s to choose from.

    Help me decide!

    I only want to spend at most $1000 on the gun itself.
  2. Uncle Tom

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    thoughts on first owned rifle

    Do give some thought to ammo costs -- .22LR is about $.05 per shot while .223 is maybe $.30 -- so you get 6X as much shooting with a .22LR -- if you are thinking about high volume range shooting with a semi-automatic you might have more fun with a Ruger 10/22 -- maybe put a low-power scope on it. You can have fun at 50 yards and some challenges at 100 yards.