Help me buy a rifle for my husband for Christmas! please.

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by tikilyn1, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. tikilyn1

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    Hi, I'm new here and am looking for advice. I want to buy my husband a rifle for Christmas. Can you help me? I don't want to pick out a cheesy gun and not "WOW" him; even though he would love it but I want to really wow him.

    So let me tell you about him. He's in his late 30's, works for the Government. He already owns: an M1, M4, Ak47, AR15, and a few others. My budget can not go over 1500.00. What can I get him?

    Thanks for all the advice.
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  3. usmcprofessional

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    has good rifles already. does he like handguns? if he dosent have one id get him an absolutly beautiful springfield or kimber 1911. every man loves a 1911 like he does a truck, or bacon.
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    One thing he doesn't have is this. It has WoW!! written all over it, but it is $2300!

    Savage 110BA .338 Lapua Mag.

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  5. CA357

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    It looks like he already has an M1.

    Does he have an M1A? Springfield Armory makes some sweet M1A's and with judicious shopping, they can be had at around $1500. or at least close to that.

    If you decide to buy him a handgun, you can't go wrong with a Colt 1911. In fact, some Colts are marked for the 100th Anniversary of the 1911.

    Welcome to the FTF community Lyn.
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    I was also thimking M1A. maybe M1 carbine.
  7. tikilyn1

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    That savage 110ba is a beautiful gun and my husband would love that! It's right up his alley too bad it's out of my price range. I'm going to really have to think about this one.

    Can you tell me what a Mini 14 is?

    My husband doesn't really like hand guns, so that is out. I'm also not sure about another M1. I'll think about that too. Also can you tell me what the difference is between the M1's you all are talking about.

    Anything else for me to look at?

    Thanks for all your help
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  8. TekGreg

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    Tikilyn, first off, welcome to the forum! The people here will be happy to seriously help you find something.

    The Mini-14 is made by Ruger & Co. and is made in both Stainless steel and blue finish. It's used by law enforcement and has tons of accessories and 20 and 30-round magazines available both new and used due to law enforcement trade-ins. I've included some links below:


    Also, if you can be inconspicuous while talking to your husband, or may be ask his best friend, see what he is looking at in his gun magazines and ask if that's his next dream purchase. Then tell us what he says and we'll take it from there!

    Also, is a combat shotgun like a Saiga a possibility?

    Combat shotgun
  9. TekGreg

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    Also, even though they sound the same, the M1A and M1 Carbine are completely different weapons, other than they are both rifles. The first is a larger weapon with a high-powered, large caliber round good for large game at medium to long range. The second one is a smaller weapon, short-barrelled and fires a smaller, carbine round, better for small or medium game at short to medium range. I am assuming your husband's M1 is the older Garand model, therefore the two detailed here are not the same as that model. Here are photos of both:

    M1A, the big gun

    M1 carbine, the smaller gun

    Neither one of these places is the place to buy these weapons, just look! If interested, we can lead you to better places to buy.
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  10. Tackleberry1

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    Judging from your husbands current arsenal, he seems to appreciate guns that have seen military service, both U.S. and Soviet.

    For this reason I'd lean toward either previously suggested M1A or Mini 14.

    The M1A is the "civilian legal" version of the M14 which was the U.S. Military primary battle rifle at the start of the Vietnam conflict before it was replaced with the M16. The M16 is essentially the same rifle as the AR15 and M4 your husband currently owns so that ones already covered.

    The Mini 14 was not adopted for U.S. Service by was built in response to the governments request for a smaller lighter replacement to the M14 and competed against the AR 15 in government trials. Of course the AR 15 was selected and re-designated the M16. The Mini 14 still garners much interest from this, is a great rifle in it's own right, and is, in essence, a scaled down version of the M14 it sought to replace.

    You should be able to find an M1A for $1500.00 or less and Mini 14 for $600 or so.

    Good Luck,


    P.S. My wife is already a far better woman that I deserve but would elevate herself to a whole new level should I find an M1A under the Christmas Tree!
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  11. robocop10mm

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    The M1A is different than the M1 or M1 carbine. Try to find out of the M1 he has is an M1 GARAND. If so, the M1A from Springfield Armory should have the WOW factor you are seeking and in the right price range.
  12. Buckeyeborn

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    I am envious of his guns and wife that said the M1A is your
    Answer good luck to you both happy holidays
  13. Trez

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    What about some older military rifles? 1903, 1917, Japanese Arisaka, various Mausers... These and many others can be had for less than your price.... The Arisakas are real neat if you can find them with the Chrysanthemum mark ("mum") still on them, as they are battlefield pickups.. The Japanese and U.S soldiers defaced the "Mum" on surrendered ones, as it was the seal of the Japanese Emperor.
  14. cameronguyton

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    If he's already got all those, get him a TON of ammo. Drop him off at the range and tell him you'll be back later in the day to pick him up. :D
  15. TCH2FLY

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    I would suggest the Auto-Ordnance Thompson. It goes right with the others in his collection. FYI, the retail prices on their site are higher than the street prices.
  16. therewolf

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    Hi tikilyn1,

    Welcome to FTF.

    I'm a military and relic collector myself.

    I love the milsurp rifles, and there's a lot of good stuff

    available in your price range.

    If he likes carbines, a Mosin-Nagant M44, mint, with @ 1000 rounds of ammo

    would run you @350-400$.

    The Mosin-Nagant " Sniper" version,(which you may have seen in the movie

    "Enemy At The Gates") in mint condition, with @ a thousand

    rounds of ammo, a turned down bolt, and original scope, will put you back

    less than 750$. Both are WWII Russian Infantry relics.

    A clean SKS with @1000 rounds of ammo would run you @550$-600$

    it was the transition rifle for com-bloc armies between the Mosin and

    the AK-47. Both the M44 and SKS come with a built-in bayonet.

    Also, the ammo for both is cheap right now, if he doesn't already

    have these rifles.

    British Enfields and German Mausers are also easily within your price range,

    but the ammo is getting pricey, and hard to find.

    Wikipedia, and Gunbroker are both your friend.
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  17. tikilyn1

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    Thanks so much for all your help! You all have giving me so many options I'm kinda over whelmed now! I'll research all the guns listed here. Also I've already spoke with my husband (making up a story about watching a show about guns last night) LOL Thank god he's not home.

    He inform me that he doesn't own an M1 (for some reason I thought he bought one) He says he's not in a hurry to buy one either. I asked about the mini14 and he said that it shoots his bullets (223s). I couldn't tell if this one is on his list of guns to have. Sometimes he's hard to read. But he does get free bullets from his job that are .223s. hmmmm.....

    He did tell me his next purchase is a .40cal rifle. He didn't tell me which one. He'll be getting that one in the next month or so.

    Thanks so much you all have been very helpful!

    Also if I go with the mini 14 this is the one I want to get him. It fits his style of guns (para military?)

    Ruger Mini 14 Tactical 223 Folding ATI, I found it on gun brokers for 685.00 and I'm about two hours away from their store. I don't if I can post a link to it. If I buy this one then maybe I can pick out another gun or some accessories. LOL now my cheap side is showing.
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  18. Johnny357

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    "a few others" makes it hard to throw an idea out there without it being a duplicate. Can you snap a quick photo and post it?
  19. CA357

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    That Mini is a nice one. There's a "tactical" model that kind of cool and the stock Mini 14 looks very much like an M1 carbine.

    Just thinking out loud here, but if he's into all those mil surp rifles, would he like something with a plastic stock? You may want to feel him out on that.

    However, if he's buying a .40 carbine, it will have a plastic stock.
  20. Stillwater

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    Both of the suggestions above, are perfect for your husband.

    Is you husband more into rifles than handguns, or does he like both equally as well?

    I think your husband is a very lucky man, to have a wife like you...!