Help! Looking for a Colt AR-15.

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by my-handyman, Jun 3, 2011.

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    I'm looking for a 100% Colt AR-15 not a SP1, with the following options. Colt match target H-Bar with a flat top, bird cage, bayonet lug, 20" barrel, forward assist. Did Colt ever make a rifle in this setup and if so do you know the model number? Thanks for any info and help.
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  2. JonM

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    everything cept the lug and threaded barrel. they stopped using lugs and threads on non-m16's in 1994. colt didnt make flat tops till long after that. post 94 they stopped using threaded muzzles and went to target crowns on their match rifles.

    is the lug and suppressor that neccessary?? the lug and supressor on a target grade rifle is counter productive in some ways. the mt6700 colt is what your looking for still in production and is a damn fine rifle.

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  3. Ltriker

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    I just bought a colt Hbar match target with 20"heavy bbl and flash hider, no bayo lug, but that is just part of the front sight block. Chrome lined bore and crisp 3lb trigger pull.

    One FINE shooter.

    BTW, I paid $600 for it and got 2-20 rd and 3-30 rd mags, as well as 200 rds of winchester ammo.

    Previous owner told me he bought it new and about 100rds thru it.