Help justifying diferences in cost: Marlin 60/Savage 64/MKII

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    Help justifying diferences in cost: Marlin 60/Savage 64

    I could use some info to help in the last minute decision process, here's what I've got on the table:

    Marlin 60 Greenfield,
    Used from reputable shop, (smith has at least shot it)

    Marlin 60 Greenfield,
    Used from reputable shop, (smith has at least shot it)
    Wood - nicer visible condition than one above (dont know about guts)
    4x15 greenfield scope.

    Savage 64, New,
    $125 w/scope

    *They all feel good to me in their own way.

    *Budget is a little tight these days.

    Thanks much for the input guys and gals. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    accidentally had the bolt action in the list too.
    /removed MKII - I'm staying semi this purchase
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  2. JonM

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    my preference is the ruger 10/22 for semi or ruger 77/22 for bolt when talking about 22LR. new ones in the boc are around 125$ for a basic model used and 225$ new and make a good base for modding at your leasure

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    I have a story that fits here I bought a 10/22 even after handling a model 60 and writing it of as a cheapo. I did the typical put 3-400 dollars into a $200 gun to get good groups. Then I traded a rangefinder for an older marlin model 60 and proceeded to shoot circles around my 10/22 out of the box and is better in every way unless you plan to customize your 10/22 to your tastes. The model 60's tube fed magazine is a dream and doesnt hurt your fingers. I get less FTF and FTE with the marlin and accuracy is great. I got the marlin 60 a few months ago and actually sold my 10/22 this week because I was bored with it.

    My vote goes for an older model 60 with the longer barrel and extended magazine(17rds) but between those 3 I would choose the 1st refinish the stock and add a centerpoint 4x16x40 scope for some good 100yd shooting.
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  5. ICU

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    I've heard this too many times, hence the reason it was not in the list. Although I am quite certian ANY of the aforementioned rifles (including the ruger) are better than I am so it doesn't matter all that much to me. They all have their positive side. A good point to the ruger would be once I am able to outshoot the gun, i could upgrade it easily, but I know enough people satisfied with theirs and have been referred to it enough times that I can't in good concience, dog on it. The Marlin and Savage, however, have not hear from a reliable source that either have been inaccurate.

    Again, budget & readily available for me to hold in my hands tomorrow, are main reasons for my list of 2. Thanks much for the input. I haven't seen a used 10-22 that cheap yet, what's the BOC?
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    Thanks canebrake, that'll be good bedtime reading for me.. :D
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    Nice Job Cane

    Nice job on the "build" thread Cane. Inspiring indeed. Where would I find the results of it's shooting?

    I picked mine up today. :D Went with the Marlin 60, used, for $75, can't really complain about that price. Pics r soon a'commin... :cool: I like the near cherry color of it as opposed to the darker oak color of the other one, even though it has some scratches and built up layers of skin-juice from the years of use. It definitely has some character to it, and as seen by the wear behind the trigger on the underside of the stock has been someone's happy companion on many a trips. I'm picturing grand-paw, er "ol' pappy" with his trusty .22 in it's history, as opposed to the alternative red neck who threw it (literally) behind the seat of his truck on a daily basis for shootin cans. (hey, I'm the author of this history, i can make it up as i see fit. <no different than high school history books right? :eek:> )

    Also, this one does NOT auot-lock the bolt open after last shot, and seems to have at least a 15 round capacity; I haven't loaded it yet but you can see the feed tube goes all the way to the end of the 22" barrel, unlike the newest models. I did lay down 15 rounds along side it as well. :eek:

    Thanks to all who responded and read. Have an excellent day.
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    My 60 has some great wood. Put a $39.00 scope on her and she shoots like all hell. I bought her and the scope 14 years ago. Rifle was $90.00 new. One on top.
  9. big shrek

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    It should be a good buy :)

    Things you should be prepared for.
    1. Watch that ejector wire, there is a specific position it should be in or you will experience Fail To Eject (stovepiping).
    Avoid bending it while cleaning the action.

    2. Avoid Remington Golden Bullet & Thunderbolt ammo, it just sucks in general and is dirtyer than a $3 hooker. Too many squibs & short powder loads for me to ever use them in anything other than a single-action revolver for plinking.

    3. Clean the heck out of it before you go to the range. Make sure those two divots on each side of the barrel inside the action are totally clear of grease/dirt/gunk.

    4. If it doesn't cycle well, replace recoil spring & buffer. Those old Glenfield's usually need it after 20-40 years ;) Numrich has 'em cheap.

    5. My personal preference is to polish the bolt to a high shine...helps keep things nice & slick.

    6. Fast Cleaning Method, remove action from the action housing, hold by the buffer with finger & thumb (so you don't spray the buffer), spray action with CLP Powder Blast & wipe clean & dry. Place ONE drop of gun oil (your choice) on your index finger and wipe it all over the action. Re-Install action & go have fun.

    That should get you warmed up :)

    Oh, lots of nifty accessories available, I need to post a listing of them on this site...stocks/sights/all sorts of goodies :)
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