help IDing My marlin 22

Discussion in '.22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion' started by 4stfire, Jun 3, 2012.

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    Hey everyone i'm new to this site, My grandma moved out of her farm house and in doing so i inherited all the family guns. Lucky guy am i right? lol well any way one is a marlin .22 Long Rifle Only, I takes a magazine however i do not have a magazine and have been trying to find out what model the gun is with out much luck. all the barrel says is 22 LONG RIFLE ONLY- Smokeless Greased. then the marlin firearms corroration New haven. conn

    Its a older gun, with a slide thumb safety on the end of the barrel behind the action.
    I've taken it to a local gun shop and found out nothing. I know it's not worth anything but it's a family gun and would like to get it in shooting order

    I also don't have a camera besides my phone so i can't take a picture but if you think u know and would like one i can text one to you, thanks for the help
  2. hiwall

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    No one can say what you have without a picture. Is it a bolt-action?

  3. c3shooter

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    We REALLY need a picture. If it is a bolt action, box magazine, safety on the right side near the back of the bolt, it MAY be a version of the Model 80, made from 1934 up to the 1960s.

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    If you can send text/picture messages with your phone you could send a picture to your email and put it on your computer