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    I just got done cleaning my thousand rounds of once shot shells . I went thru them and separated them by their marks . Yes it took some time ! Help me identify the brands by the stamps . 1. LC 2. FC
    3. UMC 4.R-P 5.WCC 6.PSO 7.PMC 8.TW 9.TAA 10.GFL 11.CJ 12.TW 13.TZ 14.BRA 15. OS 16.SBMC has a pink tint to it 17. Has a circle with crosshairs and 04 18.HP 19. WW super 20.PMJ
    21.OCJ or JCO 22.BHA match the rest were marked with Hornady , Winchester and aguila. The majority were the LC and FC . Thanks for the help !
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    LC is from the Lake city plant, it is military brass and would need to have teh primer pockets chamfered before reloading. FC is Federal, and it could fall intot that catagory as well. UMC is Remington/Un ion Metallic Cartridge, and is comercial brass. WCC is Winchester Case and Cartridge, it could be military or commercial. PMC, is PMC from Korea, usually loaded as commercial. TW, GFL, TW, TZ is mixed military stuff, think some is Israeli. Think the BHA is from Black Hills.
    Don't know about the others. Think one of those headstamps was on some Guatamalan stuff I shot.

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    I don't know what caliber you're talk but the circle with the cross indicates a round that is apporved by NATO. If there are two number following that symbol, it indicates the year of manufacture. Good luck
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    He put the thread in the AR sub forum so I just assumed .556 NATO or .223 Remington.