Help Identifying .22LR Survival Rifle?

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  1. KramerW

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    Hello. I am new to the forum and need some help identifying a .22LR rifle that I acquired from my grandfather. I believe it is a survival rifle because it folds in half. I will post some photos of the gun and of the noticeable marks on the gun. The only name I can find on the gun is "L. Gilliquet" but can not find any results on google for this name. Thanks in advance for any help!


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  2. trip286

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    That is totally freakin cool, if anyone has info on it, I would like to know where to get one or how to build one. Doesn't look like it would be hard at all.

  3. SmithKid308

    SmithKid308 New Member

    Looks to be an early version of a Springfield m6
  4. 30-30remchester

    30-30remchester New Member

    To me, it resembles some produced by and old company called "QUACKENBUSH".
  5. big shrek

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    C.B Holden has a similar trigger....

    Its a Bicycle rifle...that's about all that can be said for it at this point ;)
    As to who made it...

    There's a proof mark on the barrel which wasn't captured real well by the 4th photo.
    it also sez 1610 on the receiver, as well as .22L (.22Long).

    I wouldn't try to use .22lr ammo, it might go BOOM.
    Not only from too powerful ammo, but the BR's were infamous for being cheaply made with "Alloy Metal",
    which, back then, meant the kind of stuff they used in the 60's for diecast Johnny Lightning cars...
    chances of metal fatigue...HIGH.
    I'd have it checked out by a gunsmith before trying to fire it.

    IMHO, clean it with Hoppes #9 & steel wool, make it look pretty, and hang it on the wall in remembrance of your Grandfather.
  6. BillM

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    That mark on the barrel---sure looks like a crown on top of an
    oval, with E L G in the oval and a little star at the bottom.

    Belgian, post 1893. Anybody have a 1900 or so Sears catalog?
    It's probably in there--for about a buck.

    Neat little folding rifle--as others have said, don't try to shoot it.
  7. hiwall

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    It looks like it locks up tight. I would shoot it with CB's only. Made in Belgium(or at least proofed there). Must be quite uncommon as I do not remember ever seeing one before. Please give more details( just for my own curiosity). Barrel length? Is the barrel rifled inside? big shrek is most likely correct about it being a Bicycle rifle. I can see its all steel. The barrel release is odd also. The others are probably right that it was inexpensive when sold but after 100 years look at how tight it locks up with no gaps. I think its way cool. Thanks for showing us the pictures.
  8. trip286

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    I freakin want one. Y'all think it would be too hard to build one? And the legalities are basically that you cant build to sell/business right? (of course NFA items and explosives excluded.)
  9. 762

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    sorry, i dont know what that is, but it is awesome
  10. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't be hard to build at all...basically you'd be making a zip-gun style rifle.

    Find an old single-shot .22 or .410 action, rebarrel with a .22lr or .22WMR/etc barrel, and instead of a regular stock,
    make a wire-frame one :)
  11. CaptCraig

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    The Oval with ELG and a star is a Belgian marking that means the gun was Liege proofed. The crown above it means that the gun was pre-1877. There may be a R with a crown above it also on the barrel. This will indicate a barrel that has a factory original rifling. Do you have a 4 or 5 groove rifling? During this period, many guns were pinfire weapons and there would be a small cutout for a cartridge that had a pin sticking out of the side. I can't tell from the picures if that is the same here. The gun will be chambered in mm and not caliber. Typically there were 2mm to 12mm weapons. There should also be a makers mark on the barrel that is the same as on the receiver. Typically it will have a star above the mark.

    Very nice gun, would like to see more of the receiver and the chamber area.

    Thanks - Craig
  12. brianwolf69

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    rifle info

    send the pictures to the National Firearms Museum. They can help you.
  13. c3shooter

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    Brian- welcome to the forum- glad you found your way to us. When you get a minute, stop by the intro thread and say hello.

    BTW, it is a good idea to look at the dates of a thread you are responding to- when it is over a year old, you need to send the thread a birthday cake.