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Help Identify-Mitchell Import RPK?

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I'm new to the AK world and trying to decide on my first purchase. I have someone local with one of these and even with all my looking I'm still not sure if it is a good buy or the real deal.

Pre-Ban M90 - Mitchell Import RPK made in Yugoslavia 7.62 x 51 (.308 NATO) Is what its listed as... He said he is the original owner and bought it 8-9 years ago. He doesn't have the customs letter from when it came over seas during the ban but is looking for it.. Is this the real deal Mitchell Import? He's asking 1400 for it

Thanks for all your help! Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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It was a pre-ban until 1989 when importation was stopped dead in it's tracks. The M90 means it was modified in 1990 and therefore reduced it's value. I have a Mitchell pre-ban folder that I purchased in 1988 and would never let it go. Supposedly only 400 were imported prior to the ban, but even less RPK's were brought in. The RPK does have a Yugo receiver, which puts it in a better class than current AK's made from parts. Yugo parts are still available, but fortunately I never needed any in 24 years. I'd rather pay $1400 this Ak than $1600 for a Bushmaster, or other parts gun.
The electric pencil is a little sloppy looking, but don't let it concern you. It's true that certain changes such as ground off bayonet lugs, pinned folding stocks, spot welded barrel threads, etc. were done in order to make sales in the US legal, but it's still the real thing. Except for the Saiga, all current AK type rifles have non original receivers. These rifles are similar to the Lugers and Garands that have been imported and have the importer's name stamped on it. Unfortunately it does take away from value, but the gun's fine.

The Yugos are Cadillacs in the AK world and are as strong as a tank. Barrels aren't chrome lined, but I have read that non-lined barrels for some reason are more accurate. Mine's a tack driver and if cleaned after being fired, even with corrosive ammo, it will be just fine.

That RPK will become more collectable after time and value compared to others will grow even higher and faster in just my opinion. Pity there's no original box, cause that would also bring up value. If you could find the original Yugo scope mount that fits the side rail like I have, you'll have a great shooting rifle.
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All the Mitchell Arms imports have their name stamped on them whether pre-ban, or not. There's nothing wrong with that, but when talking about comparing the value of a military bring back to a military import, such as Lugers, M1 rifles, M1 carbines, etc., those with the importer's names stamped on them will be valued much less. It's almost equivalent to those jap rifles that had the ground off mum. Those untouched will have much higher value.
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