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what you asked was to identify this rifle. the three photos are of three different firearms. photo #2342 looks to be just the stock and lock of an old double barreled firearm. poor relic condition of no real value. photo #2341 apears to be a hawkins type muzzle loading plains rifle. condition looks great if it is original 1820's vintage. a couple questions though, is the negative reversed or is it really a left handed rifle? who made it? name most likely on the barrel or lock. photo # 2327 is a modified cut off SPRINGFIELD caliber 45 rifle (what unimformed people refer to as a trapdoor springfield, god i hate that term) the model number should be on the breech near the hinge pin. stock and barrel have been cut down, sights removed (makes me wonder if someone bore it smooth and made a shot gun out of it) value is low with all the modifcation unless you can document it to some indian.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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