Help! I don't know what to buy!

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    I hope this isn't posted in the wrong area.

    I need some major help!! I am getting married in a few weeks to a great guy. He is a serious gun enthusiast. I would really like to buy him an AR 15 as a wedding present. My dilemma is that I have no idea what to buy and no idea where to buy. I recall him once saying something about the .22 conversion for an AR, correct me if I am wrong. I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to guns.

    He currently owns:
    S&W Hammerless revolver
    Glock 17
    NAA Magnum Mini revolver
    Kimber 1911
    Marlin Rifle
    2 other revolvers

    Sorry I can't be accurate on names and calibers.

    I really am looking to find out what I should be looking for in a decent AR. Any help would be appreciated. :D

    Thank you!
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    There are many here who will jump in and help you out. Just give them time to see your post.

    And do a quick "drive-by" on the Introductions thread and I'm sure you'll get all the support you need! You seem like you'll be a very good wife!

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    Well, There are variants of the AR-15 chambered in different rounds, I know of only 2 other rounds besides the standard .223, I have heard of a 9mm and a .22 variant.
    I know S&W sell a .22 Variant called the M&P 15/22. It looks like a good little rifle.

    I think winchester may sell a .22 variant (I'm not 100% sure) But according to somethings I've heard the M&P 15/22 is much better.

    Though I would just get a .223 becuase If you want a .22 you should get a normal one.. I don't see the point in spending $400-700 on a M&p 15/22 vs. $150-$300 on a Ruger 10/22 or a Marlin model 60.
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    There are too many unknown variables here. Does he want a .22LR version of an AR-15, or does he want a "real" .223/5.56 AR? Even then there are too many variations.

    I would suggest that you figure out how much money you want to spend on this, and then get him a gift certificate good at your best local gun shop. Then HE can choose what he really wants.
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    Stag Arms makes a good, solid reliable AR-15 and they tend to be inexpensive relative to other AR manufacturers. This particular model is a good start -- usable out of the box and easy to upgrade if desired.
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    the model 2 is a great rifle.
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    Thank you all for you help.

    I do not think he cares if he gets a .22 conversion for the AR. He just mentioned it once and I figured I would see what the experts had to say about it. He already has a .22 handgun, so I don't think it's an absolute must.

    Price really doesn't matter to me. I guess $1000 is enough. I would prefer to get him a gun than a gift certificate.

    Do stores normally carry ARs? Do I need to order one? I only have 2 and 1/2 weeks. If anyone knows of any stores in Houston, TX, please share.

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    Most gun stores in Houston will carry AR's. Try:

    Carter's Country,
    Any Academy Store
    Class 3 Rock River Arms National Stocking Premier Dealer

    Just call around and see what they have in stock and at what price. You may find an AR for $1,000. Prices are coming down and availability is increasing.
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    I will add a little to this thread from my perspective, which is also very new to the ar-15 platform, but owned many firearms for 50 years. I read as much info as I could on this forum and others to find out what was the best first ar-15 for me. So maybe with a little input you can make your own decision to give your loved one a good starting point for the rifle. If you research a little bit the better mfg should be evident. There are many mfg's that make good rifles.

    I say starting point because there are so many additions and variations that he will probably want to add/make as he gains experience with this weapon. My suggestion is to buy a basic a2 flattop with a rear iron sight in either of two basic types depending on how you think he will want to use the rifle. #1 could be a standard length rifle with a 20" barrel which would be used as a longer range target or varmint gun. #2 may be a short m-4 carbine with a 16" barrel which would be useful for fun plinking at shorter ranges, or home defense/survival type situations. Then he can modify the rifle to his hearts content with optics, slings, magazines, floating forends with picatinny rails to add many other doodads. One of the additions could be the .22 rimfire conversion that can be used with the ability to go back to the original .223/5.56 chambering when not shooting .22.

    Good luck and many happy years in your marriage. Wyatt
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    maybe a couple hour drive north of you, but check out

    Model 1 Sales

    up in Whitewright.

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    Congrats and it sound like you are starting out right. Listen to the guys on the forum, the are very, very knowledgable. I have an advantage that I am somewhat ( :rolleyes: ) familar with firearms, but not in all the platforms that DZ likes. Just listen to your guy and pick up on the little things that he says. There probably won't be any gun shows between now, and when you get married, but there are plenty of resources in the Houston area, and even though they are "looking to make the sale", a gun store that doesn't feel "slimey" or condencending to you will be a load of help too. Not everyone is just out there to make a buck. A good, mid-range Ar will give him lots of room to customize and make it jus the way that he wants. You don't have to go with the most expensive, but don't go with the cheapest either. Your price range should be just about right. As for the .22 conversion, it can always be added later. I would go with the .556/.223 platform it is very customizable. If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM me.
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    Top Gun, just off of Westheimer in southwest Houston, is awesome. It's where I got my CHL and I've purchased many a handgun there. They have LOTS of ARs, too. Good bunch of guys.
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    Ar 15

    OK--here we go-----if you want to know what goes on in the AR15 arena, go to when you do that be prepared to become totally confused. There is so much information on these weapons that the experts can get confused.
    Would suggest that you pick a basic 20" flat top with sights from the better known mfgers, RRA, Bushmaster, Stag, Armalite, Lewis Machine, DPMS--these all have web sites--then go to one of your local dealers to purchase and make sure your new spouse will be able to bring it back and trade, if need be, into exactly what he wants with no penalty. That way all be be happy. You should plan to spend somewhere just under $1000 for this type rifle. If they want more than that go to another shop!! Todays market is quit full of AR 15's and you should be able to get a good deal on one! If I can be of further help e-mail me at your convenience!! GOOD LUCK and CONGRATULATIONS in advance!!:p