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Help getting started

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So I see these smooth bore boot pistols and I think "Excellent Christmas gifts, and I should probably get one for myself".

I know nothing of the black powder world, and I'm having a rough time googling anything useful.

How do I get started, what do I need, and how do I ensure that I don't blow myself up?

I realize this is pretty broad, but as extensive as my firearms background is, I've never fiddled with BP, and it makes me nervous.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm imagining I have to determine the powder charge (how???), add a patch(lube?), ball, mash it all down, and add a primer (how does it stay in place?). The pistols I'm looking at are .36 cal.

I'm looking at this as a potential hobby, and an alternative to my regular range time, as I need to conserve ammo. Does getting started have to be expensive? What is the bare minimum I need as far as gear?

One last thought, I was at a range with my EBR, and a guy shows up with a "modern" muzzleloader rifle and a buddy. The guy was sighting in for deer season, I assume. Anyway, he'd squeeze off a couple of shots, and then (I assume) swab out his barrel. This got to be such a task that he had to hold the rifle while his buddy tried desperately to remove the rod. Essentially a crew served weapon:). What gives there?
Good stuff, thanks.

That looks pretty much like the one I was looking at.

I'll start looking at prices on the stuff you mentioned to see if this is feasible.

Again, thanks.
Followed your advice, gathered almost everything I need, last question. Which "F" powder do I need for the pistol? I managed to find a book, but it didn't clearly specify ff or fff, and what's the difference?
Again, many thanks. Almost have it all together, if I don't blow any fingers off, I'll submit a range report. Thanks much.
Okay, got everything together, got the pistol, no manual:mad:. All I need is how much powder to use.

Pistol is the same one in the picture, I'm looking around and seeing between 10 and 20 grains of powder, a little to much of a variance for my liking.

How many grains is safe?
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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