Help a young person learn to shoot.

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Hobo Bob, Jan 3, 2010.

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    My 12 YO Grandson was here over the Christmas Holidays, and of course one of the things he wants to do is go down to my shooting range and shoot up all my ammo. That's what Grandpa's are for, right? This time I decided he was old enough, and schooled enough, to shoot some of my guns he's never had the opportunity to use. As this is an AR forum, and he's shooting my Colt, I thought I'd post a picture of a kid having FUN! We need to get our kids, Grandkids, and even the neighbors kids involved in the shooting sport. They love it, and there will be one less 'anti' in this world. Edited to say that the date on my camera was not set correctly.

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    Bob- my grandkids love to go shooting with Gramps- if you have been around here a spell, you have heard me bragging about the Anarchist-in-Training (youngest granddaughter, now 13, going on 26) Glad to see you got "Eyes and Ears" on the young'un- I wind up giving away a bunch of foam plugs to kids that are at the range with their folks, but no plugs/muffs. Looks like he is having a ball.

    For the rest of you- take a kid shooting and fishing. Go borrow a kid if you need to. They will love it, and before you know if, they will be a registered voter. Three of MY grandkids are.

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    I have started to take some of my daughters friends to the range when we go.

    Ah yes, teaching young ladies how to shoot.

    I am noble!