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I am Dave Sample and I have been asked to link up this forum with my three web sites. I am also Captain Eagle, a Single Action Tune Up Specialist ( Thanks to Rick Hacker).
I am on my 8th Online 1911 Class as we speak and I teach this over the Internet so folks can build a gun and have some fun at home with their PC.
I was a 1911 Pistolsmith for over 20 years and learned to build Custom Caspians from parts. During that time, I also did a lot of factory gun tweaking and made some nice sows ears out of guns that were already built in a factory.
I do not fare well on gun forums because I am not a PC butt sucker and I do have opinions about things. I will try not to bring the chronically offended out of the woodwork and then be upset by words on a computer screen.
If I can help with some pistol problems I will try to do that. All I will say is what I know from my experience and I do not place much stock in the rumor mills that the Internet is full of.
I am arrogant, hard headed, opinionated, highly skilled, and was too smart to try to make a living messing with 1911's. I did it part time and that I way I could live with a 0 bottom line. I also had the time to figure out what makes these 90+year old guns tick.
I always enjoy what goes on in gun forums and hope to have some fun here.
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