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I'm a new member from PA. Found the forum from and this looks like a pretty cool place to be.

I got into guns this past year (I think it was March of 07) by purchasing my first handun which was an Springfield XD-9 Service model. I attented 2 training seminars at the Harrisburg Hunters & Anglers Association that they offered for new handgun owners and there was a class for home pretection.

Afterwards, I picked up a new Walther P22 handgun to use for a plinker/range gun for the girlfriend. We love shooting, but with rising ammo costs (even in 9mm), this was a great buy. I can pop off 500 rounds for under $10 and that's great.

When I picked up the XD9 Service, I should've checked around a bit more because while it held well, shot great, etc. It was just a little to big for me to carry. So I went and got an XD9 SubCompact that it a little shorter, but fits my body much better.

And then after that, I sold the XD9 Service (it was just collecting dust in my gun safe), and picked up a Savage 110 rifle in 30.06 for PA deer and a Mossberg 835 12 guage shotgun for turkey.

I have a shot of the 3 handguns together, but need to take a more recent picture since the rifle/shotgun purchase.
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