"Hello Kitty" Appeals to the ladies, but concerns police

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    'Hello Kitty' Guns Concern Police

    Jim's Gun Supply of Baraboo is shipping the decorated guns across the country.

    Law enforcement officials and others said they are afraid a child could pick up a gun thinking it was a toy, the Local 6 report said.

    "Just being a teacher, any child would think that was a toy," a teacher said after seeing the weapon.

    Police said the weapons are not illegal in most places, Local 6 reported.

    "If somebody points at an officer, he could hesitate, in which case he could get shot. Or, even worse, the officer could react and take the life of a child," Arizona Fraternal Order of Police representative Bryan Soller said.

    The owner of Jim's gun shop, Jim Astle, said, "Pink doesn't make it any more deadly than black."

    Astle said most of his customers are in law enforcement.

    "They're buying them for their wives so they can go to the range and shoot with them," Astle said.

    Prices for the guns begin at $250.

    Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

    IGETEVEN New Member

    I think there are much bigger concerns out there then women and their pink guns...what about this child? This would get my attention! :eek:


  3. theskunk1946

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    He is just had a rough childhood
  4. orangello

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    What up whith the pistol grip? Is that an add-on to a Cali-legal AR or what?

    Overall, that is a disturbing picture; if i saw that trying to rob my house, i would be worried. Of course, it would make it easier to see him & get a shot on target.

    We can only hope he got that stuff for his lil girl.
  5. opaww

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    It matter not what color or anything elso about any gun, it is nothing more then getting the public to fear it so they can ban it.
  6. armoredman

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    That would make an awesome home-invader practice target...he obviously just robbed the daughters room, right?
    Yes, that's the "fin" they have to have on thier rifles to make them non-pistol gripped so as to use greater than 10 round magazines.
    As for Hello Kitty, I like this one - this is an actual tatoo on my wife's ankle.

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  7. WDB

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    Simple thought IMHO if it looks like a real firearm then it is real. Paint it pink or add a orange on the muzzle. It's a changing world and firearms come in all colors. If it's pointed at me I'm going to expect it is real. I would rather take my chance in court explaining my reaction than to have my family cope with my lack of action.
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