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    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. Not new to shooting and firearms, but I sure dont know it all, so I hope that you all can be some help to me, and if I can, I'll try to be some help to anyone who I can be.

    I recently was given a couple of .22s from a good friend. One is a Winchester model 270 pump. I cleaned it up, added a 4x scope, sling swivels and a sling. Went to the range to zero the scope and see how she shot. I was quite surprised. This little 270 pump is very accurate, and functions flawlessly. I don't know if anyone here has had any dealings with this model, if so, I would like to hear your impressions. Also, I have no idea of the value of this rifle. All the blueing is in good shape, the walnut stock and forend are in great shape and are of the fancy checkering. If anyone knows about what it is worth, please let me know.

    The other .22 that my friend gave me is an older Marlin model 700 semi-auto. It too cleaned up nice. I added a 4x scope, sling swivels,and a sling. It to is very accurate, and functions flawlessly. The walnut stock is in great shape. I did some searching on this model and came up with nothing, so I called Marlin, and was told that the rifle is basicly the model 70 Marlin, and for a short time they were mis stamped by adding another 0 to the model 70. I guess kinda like a coin being mis printed at the mint, and then being put into circulation before it's caught. I don't know how reliable this info is, so if anyone knows anything different, I sure would like to hear it. And with this too, I have no idea of the value of the rifle. All the blueing is in great shape, the bore is good, and the walnut stock is in great shape.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to all, and share this little story.
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    Welcome to the forum gp50 from Ky.

    Sounds like you got yourself a couple pretty good shooters. Anyone that I ever met that knew it all had a lot to learn. My Dad used to tell me it's what you learn after you know it all that will help you most.

    This is a good forum with great people. AS a group you can find about any info you can possibly need I'm pretty sure. Like Cane said a thick skin is a pretty good thing to have when hanging around a bunch of gun people. But I don't think you'll find a better site for this type of people.:)
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    Hey gp50...welcome. That's a pretty interesting story about the mis-stamped Marlin 70. Unless they stamped a large number of them with the extra "0", it seems like the kind of unique characteristic that would add some value to that rifle. Hang onto it...;)
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    Sounds like you came upon a couple of keepers, good for you. :cool:

    Please head over to the New Members Introduction forum and introduce yourself to the folks. ;)
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    They said WHAT???

    Although, that would explain a lot...LOL

    The Marlin 700 was a limited run, but it had a proper manual & mention in the Marlin catalogs.
    That's definitely the first time I ever heard that story...miss-stamped...wow
  7. gp50

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    Marlin 700

    You may be correct on the marlin 700 being a limited run. I don't really know. The woman who I spoke to told me about the mistamp, but then again, maybe she didnt know the correct awnser and just told me that. I plan to call again and perhaps I will speak to a different person and get a different awnser. Who knows! Anyway, the rifle is a dandy semi-auto that is very accurate, functions flawlessly, and has a very nice walnut stock. So whatever the real story is, I am very happy to have it. Maybe someone else will read this thread and chime in with what they know too. That would be great and welcomed. If it was a mistamp, or a limited run, I would assume that that brings up the value of the rifle either way. Thanks for your reply. I am going to try and post some pics of both of the rifles as soon as I have some free time, so everyone can take a look at them.