Hello from New Zealand Musket ID

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  1. MattyCash

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    Hello from New Zealand

    I have a friend who has an 1847 musket that I would like to find its origins and a estmimated price for him. Can anyone help ? I have posted pictures on my profile in my albums, please take a look and give me feed back,

    I have some clues, Crimean war, Battle of the Nile and B11 is on the barrel, i don't know if that is a reference to the civil war battle 11 or not ?

    Thanking you all in advance

  2. KABAR2

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    from what I can tell from the photo's it is a M1842 French smooth bore musket,
    it should be .69 caliber most of these were converted to breech loaders.... as to
    price I would say 450.00 and up depending on condition....hope this helps