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I am Italian and my great passion they are the gun.
A great regard to all the friends of this forum and I hope for to contribute with useful discussions.
Excuse for mine to speak bad English. :confused:

What I possess with great happiness:
Glock 19 9mm (in Italy 9x21)
Sig Sauer P229 40 SW
Para Ordnance Carry 12 45ACP
AK Feg 7,62x39
Benelli ShotGun M3 Super 90 Krome 12g

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Is this a version of the AK47? Please describe to us what the gun laws in Italy are like if you would be so kind. I take it from the Glock 19 in 9x21mm that certian military calibers are off limits to private citizens. Are carry permits available for private citizens?
My AK 47 are the version Hungarian SA85M, it was built for the citizen in Hungary and it is semiautomatic, the factory is called FEG and from two years she is failed.
In Italy she is forbidden for the citizen to possess automatic weapons they are allowed only for the soldiers.
Besides all the rifles have the limited mag to 10 round.
The caliber 9x19 in Italy military caliber is considered and therefore forbidden for the citizen that's why we use the caliber 9x21, two millimeters longer, but we are you are satisfied same.
Ballistically the two calibers are identical same pressures and same speed (fmj).
Carry permits available for private citizens in Italy they are different types:
1 Permits to possess weapons to make sport, can be transported only only discharges and ammunition apart, maximum nine handgun (semiautomatic or revolver) they can be bought, rifle maximum 6, shotgun no limits. (transport max 6 weapons )
2 Permits only to make collection of handguns and rifles modern and ancient without ammunition, the weapons they don't have to go out of house.
3 Carry permits for personal defense, it is released only by the authorities to the citizens that show with the documents to develop a risky job (jewelers, dealers).
This permission is very difficult to have. I possess it :D
They can contemporarily be brought three handguns. ;)

To get a permits in Italy is necessary to sustain many controls above everything for the psyche.
These controls are made in the hospitals or near structures medical Army.
The carry permits for personal defense must have renewed every year with all the controls.
Controls are very severe.
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