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Hi.....25+ year Veteran still serving and stationed in Ohio...I get to Shoot down Aircraft with Stingers and a .50 cal...miss the Tanks though did that for 23 years...Anyway, my name is Steve and I love to shoot. Of the legal persuasion of course! I have 3 sons, who love it and are being taught the importance of safety and marksmanship. I have only 3 rifles and 1 air rifle. If anyone can help me, I do have a few questions...

a. Is it possible to get a replacement tube loader for a Marlin Original Golden 32x, 22LR? (Winchester Type)

b. Is there a cheap way to get british .303 ammo without getting some surplus ammo that sticks in my Longbranch's (Enfield) breach? (so far only new Remington works fine...expensive)

lastly is there anyone out there who is familiar with an Old Crosman (solid brass) 10 pump, adjustable peep sights, bolt action BB gun? I am trying to find out where someone gets an appraisal for something like this?

Thanks for letting me join your group, and feel free to ask me questions as well, and if anyone may need a manual or 2...I may be able to square y'all away!
I'll try my best!!!

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