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FNG here, I've lurked here for a while so it was time to register and say hey. I wasn't born in the south but I got here as fast as I could and I've been here over half my life. I'm an Air Force vet and while I flew keyboards, i've been around firearms since hunting and plinking as a boy. I had a long hiatus from ownership due to living on base and a bad marriage to a whiny anti-gun <explicative>. Unfortunately I've only recently decided to get back into shooting and now the prices are nuts. I have a HD 12 gauge and a few pistols ... I plan on rectifying that as prices come back down to earth. Thanks for having me!

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Welcome to FTF

Welcome from Georgia. I spend 4 years in the Air Force way back in the dark ages. Glad you found us. Enjoy.

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Welcome to the group! I am a Georgia boy living in SC. Good folks there in Alabama! Plus, it is the heart of SEC COUNTRY!! When comes to guns, post picks, we love pics!!!

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