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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by bearedjd, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. bearedjd

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    I just recently purchased a used Winchester model 70 30.06 extreme weather 3 round. Just a couple of questions. This is the first scoped rifle I have ever owned ( I have owned guns all my life, but never one with a scope). The scope on this gun is loose in it's mount and I need to sight it in. I have never done this before and any tips and tricks would be helpful. Secondly, is there any way too increase the magazine capacity? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hot Sauce NARC

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    Stop by the introduction section of the forum and tell us a little about yourself, and then someone will be along to answer your question

  3. CA357

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    Welcome. It sounds like either the scope rings or the scope base are loose. It's easy to fix. :)
  4. M14sRock

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    After your introduction, can you post some pics of your scope setup? Closeups.
  5. dteed4094

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    Nice to have you amoung us. There are plenty of people here that can answer your questions. Tighten up your scope, shoot a decent group from a sturdy rest then adjust your crosshairs to the center of the group without leting the gun move. This will get you started.
  6. stalkingbear

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    First, tighten the scope bases/rings up with a properly fitting HOLLOW GROUND screwdriver bit. Sets of these are available from any gun store, Wal-mart, or online at Midway or Brownells. Now that the scope is tight you can begin sighting in.

    Shoot 1 shot from a secure, solid rest at a range of 25 yards. Without moving the rifle whatsoever like Dteed said, adjust the center of the reticle (crosshairs) over exactly to the bullet hole. Fire a shot at the center of the target now to confirm, it should be exactly centered in the bull. Move your target back to 100 yards. Your rifle/scope will be shooting a little high (about 3"). Adjust down to center your scope on the bull. Note that most scopes will have a value of 1/4" per click adjustment @ 100 yards.
  7. ninjatoth

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    you can take your gun to a sporting goods or gun store that does bore laser sighting,shouldn't cost much if anything at all,and that will get you on paper.You will still have to do a final sighting in manually at the range,but the laser sighting will save you a few rounds of ammo.