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My name is Jon I just wanted to take some time and introduce myself. I am an avid gun enthusiast, I enjoy shooting many brands. I am especially fond of Glock, CZ, the AR platform, and the AK platform. I currently work at Live Free Armory, I look forward to discussing our products with you and answering any questions that you might have!

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Welcome from west Texas!
If my memory serves me correctly, Live Free Armory was in dire straights a few years ago, unable to fill orders. How goes the business now? I am guessing the company managed to turn things around?

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Welcome to the Forum! Glad you have joined us! There are several of us who have been in the weapons industry, military, law enforcement and those with a vast amount of weapon knowledge and experience. And great people!
Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks for joining us!:)

From Tennessee!

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Welcome to the forum from Central Virginia! Good folks here. I personally am not a fan of the AR or AK platform (prefer Mini-14s) and disdain - again a personal preference - pretty much all Striker-fired weapons. Do you make in-spec Colt 1911 slides? Walther P-38 slides? Those two are my primary interest; probably not much of a market for them, though... Good luck!
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