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:)Hello Everybody! I am from the Philippines from the beautiful city of Quezon City which is the capital of the Philippines where the best restaurants, the best schools and the best night life is located. I have been hunting since I was 9 years old using a pump type .177 Air Rifle and gradually (through the years) graduating into the .22 rifle and finally a 12 guage shotgun. I have been biking since I was 9, from an old Columbus white-side walled cruiser and now I am into XC bikes and road bikes. I currently own around 15 firearms both current and collectibles. I go hunting for Ducks and wild boars, the latter which we love to eat after cooking it in an open fire or charcoal. I am a strong advocate of responsible gun ownership and a strict follower of the responsibilities that a gun owner should adhere to. I hope I can learn from you and at the same time, share my experiences with you. Thank you and Have a nice and fulfilling day!:)
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