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Hello all! Newbie question here

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The names Ray. Nice to meet you all! So i'm new in town and have a question about handguns/rifles. I was hiking through one of the trails off north church street just north of Greensboro when, about a mile into the woods, the dog and I came across some a deer. No big deal but then i got myself nervous thinking what would i do if i came across something bigger than a deer, like a damn bear. This 4 in pocket knife isn't going to do much. So my question is how much trouble, if any, would i get in if i got caught with my .270 over my shoulder? Or should i just stick with the handgun? Any info would help! thanks.
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If you hunt deer get the rifle in a 30-06 with a 180 grain bullet or bigger but if not a semi- auto pistol will do just fine
If you can open or conceal carry, I would go with a .44 magnum at least. Taurus and S&W make good .44 revolvers.
Jagermeister, thanks for the info, I may consider.
Thecollector, is it ok to carry a 30-06 outside of hunting season? I carry a S&W 9mm daily loaded with hollow points
I use an HK USP .40 in the woods, but the most dangerous animal here is the Russian boar. For bears, you do need a bigger bullet. A 9mm will just piss it off. Hey now you have a reason to buy a new gun!
If u see a bear, stand still for a little while, the will likely amble away. If it doesnt, slowly back away from it while speaking softly. "Nice bear", DO NOT run, throw things or offer food like most soon to be mangled idiots do. If the bear charges drop into the fetal position covering your head. After the bear bats you around for a while it will likely leave. Incidently, on utube there is very chilling audio of a russian girl who cell phoned her mother while being eaten by a bear. The bears get aggressive during draughts.
Get some Bear Mace, if you're really concerned. Any animal h6man bear, deer, will live about 3 minutes even if you direct shoot its vitals. A shot to the heart gives at least 30 seconds of life. 1 shot stops only happen with brain or spinal trauma. So if mr city slicker stumbles across an animal defending its younge,, even if you gut shot it with an 06 you're gonna get mangled. Best bet is to not surprise a bear. Walk with the wind at your back, giving a chance for mr bear to smell u and run off. Bears are the least of your worries anyway, likely city slickers such as yerself get gobbled by mountain lions. If that happens you can kiss ur *** goodbye cause they attack from behind, and generally bite through your skull on the first pounce. In the woods, a long knife like a kabbar, is better suited for survival. Anyway. Lol good luck!
I'm pretty sure it is legal to openly carry a long gun. At least it is in every state I have lived in.
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