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Hello Again

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Forgive me for not writing and visiting. So much has been happening here at home. My wife has been ill, praying cancer has not returned. Two family members hurt in motorcycle accident. Young girl turned her van in front on them and she had no driver lic.'s. Both are doing ok after several surgeries. Bobby has been a motorcycle cop in El Paso for eighteen years. It goes to show, it could happen at anytime and to anyone. Another family member was riding his motorcycle down a gravel road and wrecked. The gravel and dirt rubbed his face off. No nose,lips,eye brows,cheeks,etc.. Again it could happen to anyone at anytime. Then the bank screwed us around and we are two payments behind on our home. trying to get this caught up. Anyone knowing of a person or organization who helps folks in this type of situation I would appricate their name and info. I am a Disabled Veteran and sepnt almost fourteen years on active duty in the Army before suffering a injury while conducting a operation and this brought my career to a sudden halt. I have to have MRI's and then on to Duke to talk about surgery. It seem my plate is full and I fill like dumping it all in the trash, but I must soldier on for the little one and my wife's sake. With my love and trust in GOD I know all will be OK.
I am sorry for spouting off. Forgive me if I offended anyone. I will not say anything else about my problems, I promise. I hope to write a few articles or post on survival. It seems what with the way our Nation is heading, looks like the banks will close their doors, Bush pushing us ti hit Iran and that will blow the Middle East up and oil and gas prices with go sky high and with the way the Wheat crops in Aussie land and here have failed due to draught and weather we could be in for a food shortage, we are going to be in need of learning to survive. I hope what I know and have learned will help others in the coming days. Growing up here in Western NC I did not have a lot and we had to grow our food and put it up. I pray we will be able to put in a garden this year so we can store some food. Something we all need to be thinking about. I will close for now and will be writing again soon. Maybe tonight.
You all take care and may GOD watch over and bless you all and your families. Until later!
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