Helice Tribloc Double Barrel

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  1. RonDonVolante

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    Sent back by my grandfather from WWII
    here is an image gallery of it http://imgur.com/a/R45RW
    Any information about it and I am curious of the possible valuation of it
  2. c3shooter

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    If you search, we have talked about these before. From France. Very niice shotguns. Marcel Philippon started making them before WW 2, his son continued the business. There are several models, price varies GREATLY, but they are FAR from being cheap guns.

    Do NOT shoot ANYTHING until a smith checks chamber length. Many were made for a 2.5 inch shell (no, just because an unfired shell fits in the chamber does NOT mean that is the right shell)

    You WILL need to find a gun appraiser that knows European doubles.