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    Here is a new, extremely concealable, last ditch pistol. It is called the Heizer Defense Doubletap.

    DoubleTap™ Specifications*:

    Caliber: .45 ACP, 9mm
    Weight: 14 oz Titanium (empty)
    Width: .665 inches
    Length: 5.5 inches
    Height: 3.9 inches
    Barrel: 3.0 inches
    Frame: Titanium or Aluminum

    It holds one round in each of the two barrels. You get either get it ported or non-ported. It also carries two extra rounds in the grip area. I believe I read that it is the slimmest and lightest pistol on the market, at least the .45. Everybody always says that a .25 in the pocket is better than a .45 home. So why not get the .45 that is smaller than damn dear everything. I would not rely on it as a primary, but its definately better than nothing. I can see this being a big seller with women. Also, the trigger is a newly designed ball-bearing mechanism. Somehow two trigger pulls fires each barrel one at a time.

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  2. Rick1967

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    I have a friend that carries a Bond Arms Derringer in .45 colt. He carries it in his front pocket. I sometimes carry a J-frame in 38 +p. I can't see carrying only two rounds. I also dont believe I would have time to remove a grip and reload two more rounds in the middle of a gun fight.

    I agree that women might buy them. But I think it would be a mistake for a purse gun.

  3. hardluk1

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    The onlt time i could see carring this is a place orclothing type that you just can't show anything. But at 14oz it is heavier than many other 6=1 pistols in 380 or 9mm
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    amazing gun! I have been keeping up on this since I first saw it in a magazine.

    This is ideal for people like me. Here in AZ I clean pools year round. Im not really in a position to carry. 1. I wouldn't want some pool guy coming into my house my yard packing. 2. I wear light weight swim shorts 10 months out the year. Im still wearing shorts in Jan!! Im really looking into getting this.

    I just bought the new Beretta NANO but even that might to big.

    I think I'm loving this gun.