Heck of a deal at Home Depot today..

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by yesicarry, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. yesicarry

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    Hey all,

    For those looking into a gun safe, I've been doing some major research on them..

    Found a Sentry Safe today.. Combo lock. (not fire rated though).. But more than enough to keep hoodlums and my 3 yr. old out of the collection..

    Sentry says the MSRP is $729.00.. Gunsafes.com has it for $529.00 I believe it was..

    Home Depot.. $399.00.. It can hold 14 rifles. Bolts to floor. Hardware included. Just under $500 including delivery..
    Got mine coming next week. Thankfully I have a friend to help get it into the house. ( Home Depot will NOT help getting it into the house due to liabilty issues)..
  2. 206sur

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    Sounds like a great deal. Looks like all kinds of safes are leaving the stores. My son-in-law just purchased a gun safe for firearms, jewelry, documents and other valuables. People are probably fearing higher crime, due to the higher rate of unemployment. Be cool and be safe! HA HA :D
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  3. ktmboyz

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    I saw those a while back when I was in the market, If you ask them they can order anything from the manufacturer. I had them call and get a price on one a little larger with a fire rating and it was also a pretty good deal.
  4. Ezliving

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    Think about it: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBhOjWHbD6M]YouTube - Security on Sale Gun safe Prying video[/ame]
  5. TXnorton

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    If you are looking for real security from seriously motivated thieves, or from a house fire, then you do need to spend pretty big bucks on a serious fire rated safe. I see a lot of cheap gun "safes" on sale that may not provide the level of security that the buyers think they are getting.

    I bought a medium sized American Security Safe almost 30 years ago (that one cost almost $1,000 back then) when my kids were just stating to toddle around. The kids' safety was my prime motivator then. I have recently purchased a second, and larger, Champion safe with 2 hour fire rating ($2,500). This is an even more secure safe with top and bottom door bolts in addition to the side door bolts.

    My kids no longer live at home, but now there are grandkids to worry about. Additionally, over the past 30 years my gun collection has grown in numbers as well as in total investment, so I am more concerned now about loss due theft or fire than I was back then.

    If you have kids at home, your first priority should be their safety, so almost any gunsafe or lockable cabinet will do. But don't be fooled that any "budget" gun safe will be the ultimate protection from theft or fire.
  6. spittinfire

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    Not a bad price for what you get. I'm with TX on this one though. My wife and I don't have kids yet and my gun collection is still relatively small but we have already discussed getting a safe in the future. We both agree we wanted to spend the money and get a safe that would protect against fire. Not only can we keep our firearms in there but also important documents and some of my wife's jewlery that has come down thru her family. Just my $.02