heavy buffer?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by kiabe1, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. kiabe1

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    Im getting a spikes tactical m16 bcg and im thinking of getting one of their t2 heavy buffer will i have any adverse affects on my 16 in ar with the buffer
  2. bluez

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    I really think heavy buffers are a bit of a fad.

    there is no reason to go to a heavy buffer unless you are using very hot ammo and based on your cases ejection angle are on the edge of cycling too fast.

    A H2 might also keep you from shooting some of the softer loads reliably ( short cycling risk!).
    Unless you have a specific indication there is no reason to go away form a regular weight carbine buffer.

  3. kiabe1

    kiabe1 New Member

    K thx for the info
  4. jjfuller1

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    I run a heavy buffer in 2 of 3 ARs. While you can run the risk of short cycling I have never had to experience it. I've had very few malfunctions of any sort. The buffer does reduce the cycle speed by a little. But hardly noticeable. It also quieted my spring sound and reduced the already minimal recoil.

    I would try it and see. If it works and you like it's performance great. If not you learned and won't do it again.

    i really like mine!
  5. Triumphman

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    You might find that a M16 BCG combined with a Heavy Buffer will work for you perfectly. It really depends on your operating system's Gassing and Ammo used.
    OTOH, a Heavy Buffer/M16 BCG might just be too much(throw off Timing) for the Cheaper, Weaker 223 Shelf Ammos, but fine on the 5.56 Ammos. You'll never know until you try it. That's what Testing Products on (YOUR) Setup are all about. To make sure what you can run Dependably/Safely/Reliabily.

    Besides, you also get some Spare Parts out of the deal, and you'll know what Parts to swap out, for that All Day Plinking with the Boys, when you don't want to shoot up your more expensive Ammo.