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  1. BillyBourbon

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    any Savage long gunners out there ever dealt with Sharp Shooter Supply out of Delphos, OH?


    they specialize in Savage stocks and parts. i ordered a stock through them a while back and was told to expect a 4 to 6-week turnaround. seemed like great folks, very responsive to emails while i was shopping around. even had a long and very pleasant phone conversation with a young woman there before posting my money order, which gets you a modest discount on your purchase. that was in February!

    now they don't answer their phone, the machine doesn't take messages and they haven't replied to at least a half dozen emails inquiring about the ETD! :mad:

    i know any and every business in the gun industry is swamped right now but i'm starting to feel like i've been had!

    anyone had or having a similar experience with these folks?
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  2. Txhillbilly

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    Billy,SSS is a stand up place to do business with. The problem is it's a Husband/Wife business,and they stay busy as hell.
    Don't think they have taken you,your stock will get done,and sent to you.

    I've bought a bunch of stuff from SSS and Northland Shooters Supply,and both are small mom/pop shops,they are very hard to contact since they are trying to take care of orders.If they answered every phone call and email that they get during the day,nothing would get done.

    Be patient,you'll be happy with your stock when it arrives. Which style did you order?

  3. godale

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    last post is correct. it is a small husband and wife busisness. ifg you would like to know more go look at savage shooters.com. they are highly recommended there
  4. BillyBourbon

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    appreciate you both chiming in and i'll take your word for it. i was totally charmed by the gal i spoke with back in February. i figured they were just busy as hell. y'all have put me at ease. now, if i could just grow a little patience!

    i hit them for the match/target in blk. should wrap nicely around a 93R17 i'm putting together for the kids. i don't know how much longer i can put them off. you think i'm impatient!

    thanks again, fellas