Healthy paranoia (mental checklist)

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  1. BlindOldMan

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    I saw a thread for a, "You know you're a spy if..." and thought it would be fun (and insightful) to make one for "healthy paranoia." This is a checklist, but more about that voice in the back of your head that tells you that something is not quite right. You do listen to that voice, right?? :D

    Would enjoy hearing what you would add...

    When you walk into a store or restaurant, do you:
    * Check off one-by-one everyone inside and assess threat level?
    * Assess exits for retreat options?
    * Assess entrances and keep them at your 10-2?
    * Assess cover and barricades?

    When the door bell rings at your home, do you:
    * Briefly cover the peephole with a finger while standing to the side?
    * Always use the peephole before audibly challenging the visitor?
    * Free your firearm from its holster (you do carry inside your home, right)?

    When entering a parking lot, do you:
    * Check your rear-view mirror as you approach for signs of being followed?
    * Circle the parking lot once before parking?
    * Park at a distance from other cars?
    * Strategically park depending upon environment (doors as barricade/easy exit)?

    When exiting your vehicle, do you:
    * Assess the area for persons of interest?

    When returning to your car, do you:
    * Visually sweep the parking lot for people deserving more attention?
    * Keep your hands free?
    * Inspect your rear seat before entering?

    When driving home after leaving work, do you:
    * Randomly choose alternate routes?
    * Vary your arrival time?
    * Circle your home and assess before entering your driveway?

    IGETEVEN New Member

    And you don't !!?? :confused:


  3. danf_fl

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    Bling is something that draws attention to you.
    How you dress, what you drive, how you flash money at Waffle House, etc...

    These are all bait for the cuda's.
  4. opaww

    opaww New Member

    The sad thing is I actualy do a lot of that stuff on the list

    IGETEVEN New Member

    Size up and profile everyone you meet or see...yes, I said everyone, and always have a reliable backup Plan, no matter the situation. :cool:
  6. Gatekeeper

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    I'll drive around the bank once before using the atm a lot of times. Always wondered why they would they plant shrubs and bushes for someone to hide in along side of the bank??:confused:
    Will adjust the power side mirrors down before going through the drive-through atm. They are usually too high and out too far for driving to be able to see if anyone is creeping up low along the passenger side.
    Paranoid? Maybe, but thats the way I would rob someone when they were distracted at the ATM:D
  7. BlindOldMan

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    Absolutely! I have been called paranoid...I don't necessarily agree with that because paranoia connotes a feeling of fear. Nothing wrong with a healthy fear, it can keep you alive, but paralyzing fear is deadly. I'm guilty as charged of at least 3/4 of that list (I don't do the circle the lot thing, for one).
  8. orangello

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    Well i feel better; i thought i did it for OCD/other reasons.
  9. dog2000tj

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    So doing all that one would be considered paranoid? Well slap me silly and call me Shirley I guess I am totally nutso :D
  10. General_lee

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    I don't exactly have a check list, but I always try to be careful and aware of my surroundings. I try not to go out at night if I can help it, but I always have my trusty mini maglight with me on my belt so I can make sure there's nothing hiding in the shadows if I do have to go out when it's dark.
    There are 3 things I never leave the house without (aside from wallet, watch, etc.) that's my flashlight, my leatherman, and a pistol.
  11. victorzamora

    victorzamora New Member

    I grew up in El Salvador. It's a dangerous, 3rd world country that just got out of a Civil War in 1991. Kidnappings, road blocks, muggings, shootings....all common. I've been in 4 hold-ups, 1 kidnapping, 2 high speed pursuits (one while being shot at), 6 knife attacks, 2 guns drawn and that's the short list. We had a driver/bodyguard, a guard at the house (two at one point).

    I can tell you that knowing the nearest exit has saved my life more than once.
    Assessing threat levels, many more than that.
    Circling parking lots and taking many routes home at different times? Oh, yeah.

    I can literally attribute over 75% of your list as something that's saved my life. As literally and honestly as anyone can ever type anything, those points normally do nothing but make you look and sound like a weirdo...but they do save lives. If more people were to do what you described, the world would be a much safer place.

    Also, I'd like to add some of my more common ones.
    *Check who's at the door without using the peep hole if possible (many bullets through peep holes)
    *At a restaurant, sit with your back to a wall.
    *When you sit down, create a diversion strategy to allow you to draw without being shot at
    *Randomly drive in a circular route with an eye on your rear-view