Headstamps and caliber

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    An anyone help me with info. What do the headstamps lc63 and NATO ra69 mean and do they indicate any specific caliber. Any help is appreciated.
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    The US military (and NATO affiliates) do not mark ammo cases with the caliber. letters indicate WHERE it was made (like the Lake Cit Ammo Plant) and the year it was amde (1963) The odds are that is 7.62 NATO (little late for 30-06, little early for 5.56. COULD be .50 BMG. Post a photo with ammo lying besides a ruler. If there is a circle with a cross in it, means NATO standard load.

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    ra is most likely Remington Arms. Unless it is actually RG which is Radway Green, a British arms plant and makers of fine 7.62 NATO ammo