Headspace Problems?

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    Im sorry, I know I am asking a lot of questions. Rem 700 police, 338 Lapua. When I chamber a round i have to slide the bolt fast and then I am able to push the the bolt down. However if I chamber a round slowly and then atempt to close the bolt, it wont move and i have to push foward and down more forcefully to close the bolt. Does this make sense> Like the bolt wont close unless round is bolt is very firmly against round. I have not experienced this before. If I need to be more clear on what I am saying, please let me know. Thanks for the help.
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    Just would like a little more information. The 338 Lapua is one of my favorite rounds!

    Number One! * "Are these reloads!" That would be my number one focus point. If so make sure the chamber is spotless and chamber a few factory loads. Being absolutely sure the chamber is clean and there are no brass shavings in the locking lug area, chamber, extractor and ejector area. You might also clean the bolt by total disassembly. Or have someone do it for you. * Sometimes a piece of brass will get jammed up in the Ejector Chamber on the Bolt. You can check this by pushing back on the Ejector several times making sure it retracts and extends as it should. I have seen this problem many times before with the 700 LE Sniper Rifles. Did this just start or has it done this since the begining? Is the gun new?
    If so you probably need to get it back to a Remington or one of their Factory Service Centers. Just because a rifle (weapon) is new does not mean it is exempt from a flaw or problem. Any manufacturer can make a mistake and something gets out that should not have. This problem is well worth pursuing because if the chamber is not correct also including head spacing. The chamber pressure could well exceed the max chamber pressure with the rounds casing being compressed in the chamber! And could very well cause a catastrophic event! "BLOW UP!" So please follow this issue until it is resolved before shooting the rifle again.


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    Assuming the chamber and lug area is very clean Are the sides and rear of the bolt lugs smooth and slick. If no there has been some trash somewhere. Do you use a lube designed for hight loads like recoil lugs to aid funtion and stop any galling. Mil-tech or pro-gold works wonders there. Or the bolts roughend up a small piece of 1500 grit wet-dry paper thats oiled will atleast smooth and polish the surface. If all looks well and all is clean, are you useing new ammo?? Some times slamming bolt home to lock it down can cause a Ka-boom. Seem a guy do that with a 50 cal. He was not hurt but the rifle was.