Heads up to Pennsylvania gun dealers and buyers

Discussion in 'NFA/Class 3 & FFL Discussion' started by wjnfirearms, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. wjnfirearms

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    I received this notice the other day.

    On May 20-22, the Insta Check system state wide will be down for upgrading. Any PICS checks done those days will be graded either denied or undetermined until the system comes back on line the 23rd.

    This will impact buyers those days as handguns cannot be handed over until the system is active. Those dealers that insist that checks be done on long gun purchases as a condition of sale will impact those sales also.

    Isn't that special.
  2. UrbanNinja

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    Thankfully there is a gun show this weekend in my area.. if i buy anything, it will be there. No worries here.