Heads up on Hornady SP W/C

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by balloo93, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. balloo93

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    Looks like there was a batch of Hornady 556 that could be bad. I picked up a few boxes at Cabela's and ended up with 5 blown primers out of the 48 rounds fired. Primers ended up wedge in my FCG and my RRA is down for the count until I tear apart the FCG to find the last loose primer.

    One of the boxes is labeled as:

    5.56 NATO
    60gr SP W/C
    Law Enforcement
    Lot# 3080599

    Someone else bought a box in Cabela's at Ft.Worth and he had a Kaboom that blew out his Pmag. Looks like it could be the same run. Threads are here:

  2. Dillinger

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    Thanks for the heads up balloo - I don't know how many members buy that ammo, but with all the black rifles owned on this forum, I am betting it's more than one person affected.

    Interesting - I followed one of your links and read about the DPMS Receiver Rug. I have honestly never heard of this unit before. Anyone have any experience with this $8 item?


  3. slowryde45

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    :eek: That bites...but good news that no one was injured.

    Still stinks that your AR is down. Hopefully it is something easily fixed with no replacing of parts. This is another reason that I've been contemplating picking up one of those DPMS Receiver Rugs:


    I always thought they might be a gimmick or something. But after reading posts like yours, it might be worth a shot. Even if you never needed it to work...that first time would have paid for it.

    Thanks for the head's up on the ammo.

  4. balloo93

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    I will call Hornady on Thu and get a update.

    Yeah, reciever rugs look like they might be a nice little add on.

    The RRA was torn down and the small chunk of primer was fished out of the FCG so it's good to go. I need to get it out to the range soon and put it through it's paces.