Hawes black powder .35 cal /anyone have an idea

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    Does anyone have any information or know what this is worth. It is a Hawes made in Italy in 1843 pattened in 1845. It is a black powder .35 cal. Possibly brass handle with pictures of ships on it. This was handed down generation saying it was from Josie Wales. I would love any kind of information of thhis pistol. Thanks
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    Well, where to start?

    Josey Wales was a fictional character created for the book "Gone to Texas".

    Hawes Firearms of Los Angeles, California, distributed revolvers and automatic pistols here in the USA under the Hawes brand name. If my memory serves me correctly, they operated in the late 1970s and during the 1980s.

    Sure that is a .35, and not .45? Pictures, and a list of ALL markings on the gun would help a lot.

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    .36 Navy maybe. it will have a date code on the side of the frame. It is not an original. Somebody has fed you a line of hooey. Could possibly be from the late 1960's to the early 80's.